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Iran Says Will Only Pay Half Price For New Boeing Planes. Boeing Says ‘No Problem’

Iranus Wins PowerBomb Lottery – US Hands Over Billions

Secretary of State and kept man John Kerry is chosen by President Obama to personally deliver the ransom payoff winnings to Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khardashian’s garage and thank him profusely for taking the money and releasing our stupid sailors who didn’t go to college and ended up in Iranus.


UPDATE: We’re seeing reports that Kerry has been brutally violated but no official confirmation as yet. Dispatches claiming the abuse was anal in nature likewise remain unproven at this time. We’ll update as details come in…


Forced To Act Alone Again

Rumor has it he jetted into Irania to gain the sailors’ freedom by way of an overnight stay at the Ayatollah’s remote mountain retreat*.

obama in iran.jpg

*The location was somewhat difficult to discern as the phrase “remote mountain retreat“in Fonzie (the official language of Irania) translates equally well into “hairy black asshole“, the difference depending on the inflections in the spoken words. As we worked from a transcript, we can only guess which translation is more accurate. We’re pretty sure we guessed correctly. -Ed.



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Will The Iranians Keep Their Word On The Nuclear Deal?

(I saw where Obama paraphrased Ralph Waldo Emerson (of Emerson, Lake & Palmer, yes) saying “Consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds.” The actual verse from Emerson begins “Foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds.” but if we’re paraphrasing I’ll take my stab at it.)


Bee Kills Barry’s Buzz

Definitely not the sweetness Obama expected. It’s Iranian Honey. Made a different way.

They don't sting you, they just burn you.

They don’t sting you, they just burn you.

Iran Is Blocked By Obama’s Cool New Rules

As long as they follow the rules…but they did give their word.

The Old Run Around

The Old Run Around

Where’s The Trust?

mr sincerity

Iranians Tout Their Navy’s Success At Destroying Ships That Just Sit There And Do Nothing

It’s playing pretty big on their official state run news.

iran tv

It’s NottaWar


John Kerry Denies Giving It Up All Free And Easy To Iran

But we see what we see…

kerry sleeps with iran

He’s The People’s Choice

Just not the American people. Well OK, not the decent American people.

people's choice