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Nothing To Look Twice At…

dr ralph


king of plop

Democrat Match Game

dem match game

Democratic Potty Breaks

Been distracted most of the weekend so I’m a little behind on current events. This one just had to be attended to tonight. And yes, it is repulsive and in terribly bad taste. Childish, some might say. Well. What else would you expect to see here?


Old And Incontinent…Not Presidential.

The Latest In The Democrats’ War On Women

I made this for the Boss

She keeps up with the particulars on Landrieu’s Fall From Grace Graft. I just felt like illustrating the moment Mary realizes her Dem Party parachute is a tote bag.



New Obama Bio Hits The Shelves

It’s a quick read. For most of us.

barry's big mess

He Puts The Rat In Democrat

cornered rat

This Is What Rank Hypocrisy Looks Like

Obama wants his Congress back. Every single thing he’s doing, PR and policy-wise, is geared towards winning back the House in 2014. The latest strategy towards that end appears to be a return to the Politics of Envy. More class warfare. The word he’s currently working to implant in the public consciousness is Inequality. And yes, he does have a lot of nerve. He has nerve to burn.


Double Standard? Our guys have to resign for taking a shirt off…