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Shocking News – Cory Booker Is Dating Who?

I find it hard to believe but he is a Democrat and the story’s getting headlines. Crazy world.


And Thanks to esteemed reader Steve for the inspiration.

I’d Like To See Them All Get A Try – Tournament Style

We can’t show all the candidates, sorry. There were only 10 themyns in the original photo, (not counting Bloomie – we only added him because he’s so tiny), so we couldn’t have everyone.


Celebrity Canadian Orangutan Annoints Alexandriarreah Oral-Complex As New Leader Of The Democratic Party And We Wholeheartedly Concur!

She’s perfect for the Party today. She checks all the boxes that make Soy Bombs (like Mike) moist – so let’s change the rules so she can be President Sparkle Bubbles.

Oh yes, PLEASE let her run.


Dems: Abortion Legal Up To Age 26

They are a party of wretches.


Clueless Turkeys Circling Road Kill

Not a bad analogy.


Thinning The Herd


Public Service Announcement

You Hippies knew this was coming. But it’s OK, we won’t hurt you. We feel many of you are redeemable and we promise the deaths of the others will be peaceful and painless. So come on in voluntarily and we’ll reward you with free weed, for life.

Note that not all Hillary supporters are currently targeted. Some are still useful and the rest are all very entertaining. They’ll all hear from the IRS soon, otherwise we’ll leave them alone, for now.

Other targeted groups listed below are due to report soon. Watch for future announcements on the dates you need to report.

Thank you for your cooperation and Happy New Year!

-Local Citizens Committee, Make America Great Again/Undesirables.Cleansing 1A


Next Up….Jobs Plan.


Another Great Gift Idea For The Liberals In Your Life

These are selling like hotcakes. Fun with practical, therapeutic benefits. And everyone knows, busy hippies are happy hippies!

Merry Christmas!


Flying Off The Shelves – Lib Super Heroes 4 Pack

Seriously, we are flogging the workers to increase production but demand for this set is incredibly brisk. If you want one in time for the Winter Holiday Break, we strongly suggest you order now.


These Endangered Birds Are Rapidly Disappearing From America – And It’s All Donald Trump’s Fault


It’s About To Topple Over

Mostly dead wood anyway. I’d be sad, if they weren’t such total shit. But here we are.



So I Was Thinking About Star Wars And The Democrats