Forced To Act Alone Again

Rumor has it he jetted into Irania to gain the sailors’ freedom by way of an overnight stay at the Ayatollah’s remote mountain retreat*.

obama in iran.jpg

*The location was somewhat difficult to discern as the phrase “remote mountain retreat“in Fonzie (the official language of Irania) translates equally well into “hairy black asshole“, the difference depending on the inflections in the spoken words. As we worked from a transcript, we can only guess which translation is more accurate. We’re pretty sure we guessed correctly. -Ed.


    1. It’s just not FAIR… lamont has SO MUCH practice praying to allah while he “moons” heaven and bending to get cornholed by other mooselims that he EXCELS at bowing! Apples and falafels, apples and falafels!

      1. Another thing just occurred to me. Maybe the reason lamont had such a “stiffy” for our recent traitor… his name is “Bow” Bergdahl! What else could the “Apologizer in Chief” DO?

  1. As Barry is a well known fan of “leading from behind” (Arabs refer to this as “boy play”), there was likely some high-level rump-riding involved in gaining the release of our sailors.
    I hope the Iranians used protection for their sake..

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