Adios To Bullet Head McMissiledome


You Think You’ve Seen It All?

Caution! Here is the background. Please be careful you may truly actually genuinely want/need to barf at the outright 100% soy-laced faggotry espoused there. I don’t have the stomach for it, I had to click out.


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Just A Thought


How Dare You!


Dem Impeachment Strategy Continues To Crumble


Pigs Get Fat, Hogs Get Slaughtered – Just Ask Dad!

pie eaters

Maybe They Really Could Worry Themselves To Death

But not all of a sudden, like this. Way too much work and mess. Slowly, at a measured and manageable pace – that would be much more considerate of us surviving Deniers.


Luckily The Founders Held To A System Of Checks And Balances Along With A Strict Policy Of Not Allowing Freaking Idiots To Be Involved

They took ’em out back and that was that. Repeat offenders were tied to the back of a wagon and whipped out of town. Word would get out and they’d be whipped through the next town and the next and so on. That’s how many early settlers made it all the way down to Puerto Rico, by whip wagon.

no founding communists

Big Stick Coming

big stick

The Wisdom Of AOC


Beto The Brave