The Powerful, Unbreakable Bonds Of Love* Between A Father And His Son

*Around 3 billion dollars in foreign cash to board member Joe-Boy Hunter’s slush fund corps. Powerful and unbreakable. Can You Feel the Love?


The Dems Schiffted The Rules So They Could Keep The Dead Horse Moving

dead horse

Finally Some Good News

This unfortunate fellow has a whole new look. (The story is incorrect in that he did not have it removed but just shaped, filled and polished.) Truly heartwarming. And kudos to the skilled professionals at Golden Song Nail And Massage for their brilliant craftsmanship and the 10% off coupon for his next visit on Sundays only.


Trigger Alert! Beto’s Coming!

Not sure I’ll be able to sleep at night…they’re so terribly threatening. The Gaystapo.

beto's coming

buyback beto

Dems Have No Chance Vs President Trump – They’d All Get Burnt


Hey There’s Good OLD Joe!

circle joe



What A Grouch


Remembering 9-11-2001

I am late with this and apologize. I did spend most of my time Wednesday surfing through the tributes and memorials – and recalling my rage at the cold-blooded murders of innocent people committed by these animals, in the name of their so-called religion.

I was sent a link from the fine folks at with a piece they published 9-11-2019. I found it educational and enlightening and recommend it to you. Not a long read.

The 9/11 Attacks: Understanding Al-Qaeda and the Domestic Fall-Out from America’s Secret War, explains the 9/11 attacks and gives a better understanding of Al-Qaeda based on details the MSM doesn’t mention.

Never forget.

Did She Say “Stain”?

Just Put Out A Little Fake News And The Protesters Would Be Gone In Under 2 Hours – Guaranteed


Joe Biden Went Missing This Weekend But They Found Him.

fatal distraction

Speed Of The Leader, Speed Of The Pack: Beto And The Fart Smellers