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Obama Brings His Good Left Arm To Assist The Rioters In Kenya – Stuns His Compatriots

They don’t want to be in front of him, but he only fights from the rear.


Jake The Snake

The Media is full of shitpile worms…98% of them, at least.  Outright liars.  Fake Jake gets a spotlight for his incessant claims of Non-Biased Reporting. He’s a lying snake, lower than weasel balls.

I hate the Media.


Just A Photo I Came Across

Figured you’d all enjoy seeing it.

Does she have butt pads or the compressor-type underpants? Or both? I see pancakes.


For Some Reason, Things Are Playing Out Differently This Time

Covfefe – Norkly Style

nork covfefe

That’s Practically Nerve Gas Right There

And of course the Media doesn’t say a word about violence from the Left.

antifa chemical weapons

The Aid & Comfort Club

Birds of a feather will stick together

aid and comfort

It Will Get Weirder


Been A While Since We’ve Seen The (Former) First Moose

She’s put on a few pounds, in retirement.