Latest Sign Of America’s Pending Doom: President Trump Drinks Lots Of Diet Cokes

favorite beverages


Season’s Greetings To Our Fellow Misfits

We are no longer forgotten.

Island of Deplorable Toys

This Puss-Wad


This Is A Photo Juxtaposition Therefore No Title Is Necessary


Cartoon Classics – Hopelessly Inept Scavenger Falls Off A Cliff – Again!

It’s OK. Nobody dies in cartoons (unless maybe you need a ghost or funeral scene), they keep coming back, over and over.  And by cartoons we also mean Fake News, same thing. Like this guy…cnn fake news

Notice How Snugly They Fit Together

Someone told me these are Russian Dolls, not Plugs but who would give something like this to a child?  There’s only one use for these that I can imagine and I wouldn’t normally show them to you but it’s Christmas and some of you may have democracks on your list.

Oh and it also consists of the chain of the leading Obama Administration officials responsible for using the federal intelligence apparatus to aide a candidate for the Presidency they preferred and then using that resulting vaporous, fabricated fiction to besmirch and neutralize the newly elected Administration they did not prefer. Because they’re lying, cheating, murderous, immoral opportunists that set no limits on doing whatever it takes to keep Americans in the Big State headlock and their money flowing forever into Washington DC…while the leading officials all get bigger mansions.


Al’s Last Gag

Always a funny guy. He’ll probably get a show on MSLSD soon.


You Want A Festive Hillary Tree Topper?

It’s a totally irreverent act, but if you insist on defiling your Christmas tree with a Hillary Clinton topper, at least tell the true story.  The one we’ve all seen for sale with the angel wings on The Beast is a freaking lightning rod. You’re just asking to get Smote. Ours is much safer – because it’s honest and it glorifies God’s Almighty Middle Finger! Amen!


He’s With Her? That’s All I Need To Know

He’s a brain dead fart bubble big government progslime that would potentially harsh our MAGA with his feels.  I think Alabamians are gonna show him the door.

role tied

Is The Polish Surname Strzok Pronounced “Stroke”?…”Strock”?…”Sterzok”?…”Smith”?…”Comey”??


Announcing A New Coast-To-Coast Traveling Celebrity Dick Show

They’re a big part of our national Current Events – everyone is talking about them, everyone has heard about them, so we thought it might turn a dollar or two to let everyone see them. We’ve turned the whole Rogue Penis phenomenon into a new traveling Musical Dance Review! We have a willing and available cast who love to put it all out there for the audience. Some of them are here on work-release, so we get them dirt cheap. The rest are all volunteers (a few even pay us to let them on stage).

It’s based on the show concept made popular by the wildly successful dance musical RiverDance along with some of the meatier bits from Chippendales. We hope you’ll take them in, when they come to your town.

swinging dick review


no more moose food