The Current Top Four Democrats For 2020

Behold the quality of the competition. We could not be more pleased and, while there is a decent chance at least one of them won’t survive to see the next election, we hope they all run very competitive primary campaigns that suck the oxygen away from any younger candidates that maybe possibly perhaps have functional, non-rectally inverted brains.

Our best wishes to these good old people weasels. We sincerely hope they all live long enough to lose, again. Like usual.

dem heroes


And Never Win!



Clearly, Joe Biden Kneads People

Yet another example.

joe looking

The Creepy Big Brother Amazon Algorithms Are Too Damn Intrusive

When a customer orders The Wolf he expects to receive The Wolf, not some insulting (although surprisingly accommodating) System override/ autonomous substitution of whatever product it deems to be more appropriate…for whatever reasons – none of which I can imagine.  It’s a puzzle.  Everybody loves puppies, of course. It’s not the worst swap they could have made, but Puppy simply does not hold the same cache as Wolf. Particularly in the underpants department. Amazon is fired.


He Told Her She Was “His Bitch” And Then He Assaulted Her, Manually


And The Captain Of The Titanic Never Saw The Iceberg

Roger Goodell is an institutional idiot.  Game attendance and viewership is declining. Merchandise sales are dropping. Advertisers are grumbling. All while he encourages the players to continue their vacuous ‘social justice’ horseshit for the benefit of the people paying hundreds of dollars for a ticket to one damn game, a cold hotdog and a warm beer.

Now he demands a raise. He needs his ass kicked. Jerry Jones is a greedy, avaricious billionaire and an alpha level competitor. I couldn’t care less that he’s ‘losing’ money, but he sure cares about it, like a duck on a bug. I wouldn’t want him on my ass.

I’m still not watching Dancing With The Felons, btw. But it continues to piss me off.



An Obvious Distinction

meaning of let

This Made Me Laugh Out Loud

May be old – I’d never seen it.


You Must Follow The Rules As You Have Established Them…Right Mitch?


Your Mom Will Tell You – Guys Like Him Are Only After One Thing

When Mitch was 22, his wife was 10. True fact. The pervy old bastard.


Would You Play?

Scratch the right face and win a billion. There are lesser prizes among the other faces – 48 total, along with coupons for free small drinks and or fries from your local StopNGo, so every card is a winner!


Now Playing In Tweedletown – Don’t Go!

Theatrical production sponsored by The Washington Post. “Democracy Dies When We Lies.”

Snore snore.  There’s Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum. Their extra-tall cousin Tweedle Doo and the Lord High Mayor, Tweedle Dick running the show. About nothing. Yaaawn. Lots of attempts at acting, none successful. The musical numbers are flatter than granny’s paps but the scenery and costumes are welcome diversions. We’re hoping it closes soon and everyone in it goes to prison for life.

This Puppet Show is a complete fail. One Half Star.

puppet theater

Sneak Peak At Confirmed Obama Presidential LieBarry Permanent Exhibit

The Mom Jeans:


And we showed you this one last year: