He Ran The Federal Bureau Of What?

I saw where he praised Obama on this subject, in a recent interview. If he isn’t simply lying (most likely), then he’s dumb as a shit biscuit. Or both.



This Is Wrong. They Still Need Adult Guidance. Many Until They’re Thirty.


Shocking News Coming Out Of Chappaqua


An Earth Day Tribute To Dr Jane Goodall, World Renowned Primate Researcher Issues Breakthrough Study On Enhanced Personal Relations With Really Great Apes

This is just a taste. To watch the entire film you have to go log into her site and pay.

It is Earthy.


Attention Defenders: This is 100% Pure Satire. Nobody thinks it’s real, but you.

Looney Tunes


The Odds Were One In A Million


Cultural Corner

In the spirit of cultural awareness, our crack staff investigated the recent report stating the country formerly known as Swaziland will now be officially named eSwatini.

As we all know, part of becoming more culturally aware is recognizing our own blind ignorance of the world’s other folkways. To our shame, none of us had knowledge of Swaziland/eSantini, so we looked it up on the internet. We searched primarily on images and what we saw in general is depicted in our graphic below. It is a fun and happy place. (Except for that cow.)

Here, enrich yourselves.



I Think This Would Be Worth Trying

Are there rules against using bio-weapons? If yes, we’d just say we’re donating food.


In Fact, Poor Fredo Was Dumb, Just Like Everybody Said. He Was Never Smaht.


Backyard Homeless Housing – Volume Is The Key

This could work.


Romaine Or Ptomaine – Just Say No To Lettuce

“Lettuce is unfit for human consumption. Lettuce is not food, it is what Food eats.”

~ President Theodore Roosevelt

As if anyone needs a reason to avoid eating lettuce, now we learn it is – once again – likely dusted with human poo remnants when it lands on your table. It’s really best to just not eat lettuce at all. It’s been clinically proven that lettuce, no matter the variety, will not form a stool. It serves no nutritive or digestive purpose. It is 99% water. Instead, why not try a more nutritious and satisfying substitute like say french-fried potatoes or bacon?

Things that aren’t picked, by people, out of remote fields, with no bathrooms


You’re Having Salad?


Funny, I Thought Comey Was Dead Set Against This Kind Of Fraternization

Must have been True Romance.