Political Toy Plans To Run For Congress When He’s Big

Destined? Ask Cindy Sheehan or Sandra Flake how their 15 minutes of Media Darling fame translated to campaign success. But you keep stroking yourself, kid. Beats working, eh?

“We really only remember a few hundred people, if that many, out of the billions that have ever lived,” Hogg told the magazine. “Is that what I was destined to become?”


Mom! David Is Pondering His Destiny Again!


Malcolm Jenkins Wants The Conversation To Be About The “Issues” Not The Anthem

Who would pay to have a conversation with Malcolm? I suppose lots of people might pay big bucks to sit with a rich young guy and discuss systemic oppression, who knows these days? I just wanted to watch him play football, because he’s a pretty good player and watching him was entertaining. I never wanted a conversation and didn’t realize a responsibility to listen came with the game ticket. I only wanted to watch the game. I’m sorry I’ve failed you, Malcolm.



Mueller Team Lands State Record Jacket

The cost of the Mueller investigation is approaching $15 million.

wrong hole


Maybe A Toad, Not A Frog

relentingHe’s feeling warmer.


Sen Elizabeth Warren And Senior Staff Return To DC


Keep Your Eye On This Rodent

You may not have heard much about Sen Mark Warner but that ought to change soon. He’s corrupt vermin. And he looks like it.

warner brothers

Trump Promises To Stop Calling The Media “The Enemy Of The People”


NFL Adding Male Cheerleaders

No joke. One of the new LA Rams queercheerleaders is Napoleon Jinnies (pic). I am not making any of this up.

I did make this up:


Why Don’t The Players Protest In The Hood, With The People?

It’s so much safer in the stadiums, with the armed security and others watching over your shit.


One More For Scary Shark Weekend

acosta danger

Under Threat Of War – Acosta Urges Calm

He holds deep sympathy for those too uneducated to understand his ferocious hatred for the President and reaches out to save them from the shame of living in ignorance and without a full set of store-bought teeth. But it’s not his fault if they won’t evolve.

enemy of the people

Healthcare In Neverland

Twice the patients with half the doctors…hmm. Someone’s thinking Happy Thawts.