He See You When You Sleeping, He Know When You Be Woke.



Why You Don’t Want To Be The Mall Santa, These Days

My esteemed colleague and pal for life Diogenes has a similar take on this subject.

gloria allred sues santa

A Look Back At Satan’s Workshop

I wonder what they’re creating this year…

satans workshop

Hook Line And Leaker

It appears dem Rep Adam Schiff has been outed as a leaker. During closed-door (not public) testimony of Donald Trump Jr before the House Intelligence Committee, Schniff was observed leaving the room multiple times. And then accounts of those proceedings immediately hit the news. And the stories were fake. And he fell for it, like the brainless Carp he is.  That’s right…CARP. Just look at those lips.

This is getting to be more fun every day.


Dancing With The Scholars

The players’ creative and colorful hair styles…the artful choreography and expertly timed twerking…their dedication to Social Justice as they compete to make the Sports Center highlight reel…these all play a part in the pomp and pageantry that makes College Football so popular with the fans.  Add to this the fact that the players are all accomplished Scholars, who only play sports for the exercise and a brief respite from their ponderous academic workloads. They have no desire for money or fame. All they want to do is play. And dance. And maybe get a nice car.


Big Whoop

Some NYC Homo has a crappy picture of Killary tattooed on his arm – and he parades it around on social media for love and attention from his fellow booger eaters over it.


Whilst yours truly has sported this badass tat on his inner thigh since the dem convention last summer. I just never got all braggedy about it. (She’s playing with the balloons.)


Not So Secret Agents Anymore

Shit is getting real. And I can’t wait.

For the full lowdown on what’s coming, Sundance’s insights at The Conservative Treehouse are compelling reading .

It’s nearly clobberin’ time, friends.


Now Jingle Bells Is Racist?

A Boston College Professor of Theater History has said this is so.

Well…after a great deal of research into the song’s origins, we -sadly- are forced to agree. The original title wasn’t even “Jingle Bells”. Take a look at this cover for the original sheet music. The songwriter’s intent could not be more obvious.


That title never stuck as the public named it “Jigga Bells” instead – in reference to the song’s original chorus. And then we found this old card, from the 1920s. Just horrible. Now we have to purge Santa and Mrs Claus too.  And tear down all their statues.

Sorry if this poops on anyone’s Holidays. We have to report the news as it’s made.


A Shameful Stain On Our History, Indeed

Big Fat Liberal Leeches

Blue States like CA, NY, NJ etc tax the shit of their citizens with heavy state and local taxes – because the citizens can deduct those taxes from their federal returns – are quite put out by the imminent GOP tax law which will limit those deductions to 10 grand per year.

California Senator Kamala Harris recently tweeted that the average CA taxpayer currently claims an $18,000.00 deduct for state and local taxes, every year. (Proving she’s not too bright, as that is not a good thing to publicize, imo.)

And of course Cali is broke because they spend way more than they suck in – like all lib run governments everywhere. So now even more Californians, who can, will look to live elsewhere. And CA will go broke. And become more Mexico than they already are. What a shame.


Breaking: NY Dem Senator Kirsten Gillibrand Faces Ethics Panel Inquiry Over Allegations Of Public Sexual Improprieties

At the NY State Fairgrounds last Summer.


Muh Russia Is A Dud – So This Will Be The Dem’s Play For The Mid Terms


Latest Sign Of America’s Pending Doom: President Trump Drinks Lots Of Diet Cokes

favorite beverages