Subliminal Messaging With Graphics

It really works.

Like this example where we’ve worked our magic on Debbie Washerwoman Schultz and made her look much more visually pleasing than in actual real life. (And don’t try checking this out yourselves – eye to eye contact with Deb has turned men to stone.)

But while making her look fabulous, we also cleverly added a naughty hidden message in the form of an image. Can you spot it?  Ha-ha, look carefully because it’s there. And we hope it happens to her soon. She’s had it coming for years.


But It Doesn’t Hurt. On Account Of It’s All Fake.


Commemorating A Banner Year In America

One of the best of my life, actually.  We should declare a new national holiday, in honor of Covfefe. Someone pick the day.


Sunday Cavalcade Of Stars And Stuff

George Stephanopoulos has tiny, dangly, sawed-off, little boy legs. And this is a true story.

george s

Time to look at CNN’s latest obsession obsessions

iceberg missing

This was an actual Carl Bernstein quote.

CNN monkeys

Poor Fredo. He’s not dumb like they say…he’s SMAHT!

alisyn and fredo

This is why professional journalists refuse to investigate Democrats. But Chris wouldn’t listen. Just dumb.

(Lots of Italians here, huh? Weird. I just noticed.)

cillizza calamari cuomotozzi

Taking over the World? He’s doing that now.


CNN On The Latest Hacking

Goodness.  A link from The All That Is  Thank you MJA!


Looks Like She’s Going To Persist Again

What a Wonder um, Woman. She’s Stair Mobile and ready for battle.

bat signal

Yeah Eat It, You Zake Zucking Mother Zucker

covfefe al fresco

The Party Of Youth And Vigor?

pelosi generation

President Trump VS FAKE NEWS CNN Meme Contest – continued

Go and enter! Go and look! PolitOpinion

chubby zucker


david vs CNN

President Trump VS FAKE NEWS CNN Meme Contest

This is my first entry in Mr Pinko’s Festival of Memes over at

Here is the direct link to this entry or click the photo to go visit his great site.

There are tons of great entries over there by some truly funny people. Go see!