For The Love Of Money

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Alabama Regrets Loss Of Pro-Abortionists Tourism Revenue – Will Offset With Savings In Crowd Control, Trash/Raw Sewage Clean-Up, Infectious Diseases, Overdoses, Public Drunkenness, Etc.


Will China Attempt To Influence Our Next Election? It Looks To Me Like They Already Have…

Who/What pulled Joe into the race? My bet would be giant piles of money for Joe, from people who stand to lose billions in unfair trade with the USA. I think the PROC could be among those people, but what do I know? It’s not like Joe’s openly siding with China or anything. (To be fair, it’s just as possible he’s being backed by Mitt Romney and Jeb.)

chinese puppet


ON STRIKE! Until My Demands Are Met, I Will Not Dance Naked For Any Woman Age 18-28 And That’s Final! Good Day Madam! #CANDYSTOREISCLOSED

Here’s another one that’s equally threatening…


Following Decades Of Accusations And Innuendo To The Contrary, Joe Biden Proves His Detractors Are Abject Liars

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But wait…

joe scandal

Who’s Feeding This Pig?

Simulation: Joe Biden Sniffing A Worm Hole

It is kind of mesmerizing. (Caution: Prolonged viewing may trigger seizures and/or ischemic strokes.)

worm hole joe

Slobby Dumpty?

jerry dumpty

Clinton Speaking Tour Cuts Admission To Under $2.00 – Price Includes One Trip At Deluxe Buffet – Still No Takers

I wouldn’t go if they paid me. I couldn’t. Because I think it’s rude to barf all over other people, that’s why.  Yes, I probably care too much, especially when it concerns progerssives. It’s my struggle. Plus they often barf back in response.


He’s Spoiling Their Party

party bus

The Picture, It Plumps When You Click It – Please Maintain A Safe Distance For Viewing

AKA “Social Democrat”

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Rumor Has It The Frog’s Name Is Pepe