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I Thought He Was Dead

“ALL of us should use EVERY BREATH WE HAVE to make sure the lies stop on January 20, 2021” ~ James Comey

A bit extreme but if that’s what it takes…

via Legal Insurrection

last breath

I Guess They’re Broke Again


What Makes Life Worth Living?

I keep seeing pieces that tell me I’m risking my life by eating, drinking, smoking, breathing, touching, kissing and – with blind luck – intercoursing something that some expert says is potentially fatal to me.  The advice is pure nonsense, of course. If were true, I would have died long before I was born.

Regardless, I’m not trading my incredibly tasty (mmm…dat fat) Texas-Style Barbecue for your fake MexiCali Hummus Ribs just to earn an extra 10 years of wearing diapers in the retirement home. I have no interest in that deal. I’ll check out early and leave more for you.

live forever

Here’s One Reason They’re Called Collectivists

socialist claus

Likely Speaker Welcomes New Members To Congress

house rules

His Two Year Training Camp Starts Now

Coach’s Corner:  “Go easy on the weights, boy. Masculinity is not a winning look.”


Alert: Puerto Rican Brain-Eating Eels On The Verge Of Extinction

Alarming study predicts massive die-off due to starvation


These unfortunate eels strained for hours to reach food. Both died from exhaustion.

New Flavor ~ Same Obama

obama obeto

They Actually Want To Go Back To A Stone Age Existence – And We Know Why

Personally, I’d give them 50,000 Federal acres somewhere, fence them all in to create their Garden of Nirvana and I’d put it all on Pay Per View for a worldwide audience. Ratings will be sky high once they start eating each other.

(All human figures in the snapshot below – except Al – are people who paid money to go into the wilderness and pretend they’re savages. Without any actual savagery, of course because they are just pretending – except the Bear – to be primitive. The thatched hut is a rental. I didn’t note where but it’s out there if anyone wants to reserve a cesspool-side cabana, for a romantic getaway.)

new living

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Someone’s Getting The Big-Head