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They’ve Been Sucking Big Money From Ukraine For Years Now – But It’s Never Been Reported, Hmm.

ship of felons

Party Poopers

The Party’s In The Shitter!


party in the shitter

Shocking photos of DEMOCRAT Congresswoman Katie Hill are revealed as she’s seen NAKED while smoking a bong and kissing her female…um, whatever that is

Egad! Shocking news. And she’s a Trump-hating democrite. The story and the rest of the pics here


Here’s naked Katie brushing an unidentified assistant’s hair


This is Katie’s naked bisexual ass. With a little Berlin Wall.


Katie demos her latest oral technique to an unidentified staff member

The New Attendant Learns The Hard Way; It’s Smart To Stay Upwind

Each new handler has to learn and develop the skills necessary when walking the former Secretary, particularly following ethnic food buffets. For their own safety, the Secret Service detail will not intervene on emissions, regardless of circumstances.

Luckily, those chemical burns to the sinus, esophageal and pulmonary tissues are easily treated and typically recover quickly.


hill walker

The Dog Knows

The Willy Knows.

ethiopian camel


Our Sunday Homage To Old Doc Seuss

bernie store



No Christmas Miracle For Hillary

The Clinton campaign’s last ditch effort to flip the election was rejected without comment by the Northern Polar Authority today, putting an end to her life-long dream of bossing everyone around.


Here Comes Santa Claus


Let’s Take Out The Trash

I believe there are enough of us to do this tomorrow. And when we do, prepare for some ultra nasty shit from the Left in response. Ultra meaning entirely new lows, even for them. So gird your loins, my friends. Because that’s the first things they’ll shoot at.

and Let’s Roll.


More Deaths In The Clintons’ Wake?

Shame about the Maid.

And you didn’t think she’d just let Weiner slither off to play City Slickers, did you?


Lena Dunham Will Give You ‘The Shining’

Warning – it is possible that a tiny, minute, small bit of Lena Shine (a horribly real thing) may be transferable via your monitor or screen. Those who are overly sensitive to visuals that may trigger heretofore unknown but still strongly anticipated gay tendencies should not view the cartoon. Or Lena or Hillary, ever.


In 2016 She Led The Crow-Nee People To Epic Defeat At The Hands Of The Under-Educated Clingers

Some say it was a Massacre. But this was all foretold by the Elders. Her time had come. Her old ways were finished. The People had no more tolerance for them. She was set adrift on an ice sheet and left to die, alone.