1. The bag lady of Chappaqua! Has she finally come out of the closet, and exposed her cancerous soul to the light. I’m sure an exorcist wouldn’t want to hear her confession.

  2. The report dropped last weekend was perfectly times. About a week after her sycophant press buddies started yacking it up about her running again in 2024. Stifled in a NY minute. The irony is that she and they still think she’s presidential material after TWO ass whippings. Hubris thy picture is Hitlery.

    1. Thus begins the elimination of the Old Guard (Hillary, et al) as Presidential candidates in 2024, to make room for the Young Lions (Beto O’Rourke for instance).

  3. Good grief… I perceive there is going to be a shortage of nooses, I mean garage door pulls at D.C. hardware stores!

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