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  2. I think that Bernie thinks … that is Joe kacks out, he will be the obvious successor. Imagine if you will, (do-dee do-dee do-dee do-dee) Joe implodes and gets lost in his own drool, then Bernie has a heart attack and checks out.

    Then they drab that fat side o’ beef Hillary in to save the day. Then she goes to war with Bloomie and Cuomo. Then they decide to run together as a Triumvirate like Rome did … Then two of them have accidents.

    Welcome to the Arka-zone.

  3. There’s going to be so much cheating in this election it will make your head spin. It will be open and brazen,just like the nytimes lies. Because there is literally nobody that will do anything about it. DOJ? give me a break. Republicans in congress. lmao.

    It will be a miracle if trump wins.

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