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Our New Side Gig

We’re creating new graphics for click bait and ads. Pay is by the click so good money if they work.

Testing them out on y’all. (They’re not live links – you can click to see the larger size, is all). Comments always welcome.



They’ve Hit Bottom. Let’s Keep Them There.

The Polls are fake and skewed, folks – just go vote. We’ll win.

Highly embarrassing election date error corrected – thanks to Cracker Barrel Philosopher for the head slap.


Halloween Scary Movies

We hope you enjoy these but please be advised: They Are Scary.




How Inconvenient

They’re Holier Than Thou.

Now let’s Move On.


The Campaign Checklist


Why Would Anyone Take A Rotten Crook’s Word On Anything, Ever?


How Things Work #244

Campaign Finance

clinton money train

Much Like SMOD But Personal Size – So No Planetary Damage

wish upon a star

Precision Laser Guidance Pinpoints The Target Perfectly

They Woke Bill Up (Updated)


UPDATE: Later, back in the room…


The Clinton Global Mall

clinton global mall

He Does It Again

Bill drops by unannounced for another chat about the grandkids.

We can see why that takes at least 30 minutes.

fbi interview

Not a smidgen of influence here. Move on.

Has Bill’s Cheese Done Slid Off His Cracker?