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They’re A Bit Stuck Here…

The leftist base voters demand impeachment from their majority in the House. Actual impeachment will proceed to the Senate, for a trial they will not win (we know they don’t want a proper trial of any kind). And the public is losing interest in (or seeing through) their bogus “inquiry” by the day.  Kind of stuck, yep. What to do?


Journey’s End

schiffs creek

I Thought We Won?

carpet crawlers

2014 MFNS Sports Photo Of The Year

Following a lengthy, thorough review and a couple of bitchin’ fistfights by our expert panel of judges, we are proud to announce the 2014 MFNS Sports Photo Of The Year goes to this amazing action shot submitted by professional photojournalist Lubricante del Tanto (pseudonym). Capturing the exact moment that Daft Hippies collapsed near the end of the third furlong of the race, throwing jockey Barack Obama completely from the saddle. Incredulously, Obama was able to land on his feet and vowed to run the final quarter on his own. He maintains a steady trot to this day. (Seen at left is eventual winner Bold Oatmeal ridden by current Senate Majority Leader Marshmallow Mitch McConnell.)

He Done Got Throwed Off His Agenda

Throwed Off His Agenda


A Good And Decent Man, Humble And Gracious In Defeat

Obviously not talking about this guy.

bitter flinger

They Caved, Yeah. For Money. The Party Of “Fiscal Responsibility” Yep.

Another one based on a great idea from my distant cousin Buford over t’ WhatBubbaKnows

He da bestest.