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Hillary Takes Responsibility…How?


But Only To Decent People, Not Democrats


She Was A Canklish Child

The award-winning biography for young readers you want to damage don’t really like all that much. Comes with its own bedside bucket (go easy on those snacks, Mom!) Hillary-shaped sponge and drop cloth. Just grab the disinfectant and it’s Story Time!


Notice: Publication of this book has been halted pending action brought against the Publisher by the Federal Child Safety Commission for Hillary/2016.

Read The Clues


My Gut Says Hillary Was Running Weapons Out Of Libya To Syrian Terrorists – And Taking A Cut Of The Proceeds

I feels it in my bones.There was big money to be made in post-Ghadaffy Libya. Lots of opportunities for people with the right connections to cash-in Large. And who was more connected than the US Secretary of State, Co-Chair of the Clinton Global Foundation, spouse of an ex-President and a money-grubbing Ho?

The truth will come out, eventually. Until then I am left to my imagination.


Hillary: We Were So Busy Setting Up The State Dept, We Had To Keep Our Official Emails Hidden On My Private Unsecured Server

hillary setup

Yeah We Call It Fertilizer Too.

“Feisty” Obama says if we don’t support government subsidies to solar power, we don’t support a free market.

And he lamented that “too often, our political debates are not about what’s best for the country but what’s best for the next election.”

Yeah. Remembering that “what’s best” is decided by Obama without our input or consent. The next thing he does that’s actually “best for the country” will be his first.

I hate him.

solar dung

This Blog Is Brought To You By The Letter L

liar lion

Dirty Barry

Obama’s Iranian deal isn’t about his “legacy”, specifically. It’s just plain old dirty Chicago-style politics performed on the Mideast stage. He has planned this as a bully tactic intended to force Israel to concede to the (so-called) Palestinians. He’s putting the entire population of Israel under the gun in an attempt to bend Netanyahu to his political will. This isn’t a conspiracy theory…it’s his well known, backstabbing, under the bus, chickenshit M.O.

dirty barry

Did I See Obamacare Premiums Are Set To Blow Up 30-50% Nationwide?

What happened to “every family saving $2500.00 per year”?

One word pretty much sums it up:

That's Not All Folks!

That’s Not All Folks!

She’s Colored A Lot More Than Just Her Hair

lady declairol

Yes, She Does Think We’re Stupid