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“A Persistent Repetitious Squeaky Sound”



We Breakin’ Not Fakin’


I Admit It Would Run Me Off Too

Nancy Pelosi in a bathrobe playing Twister. Try not to think about that.

ha ha ha



I See A Bad June Risin’…

obama denied

Nancy Pelosi Hopes Nobody Is Paying Attention

Via The Daily Caller:

Maher asked Pelosi about recent polling which shows that the GOP is likely to take over the Senate and asked, given gridlock in Washingon, why it matters that Democrats keep control.

“It would be very important for the Democrats to retain control…” Pelosi told Maher. “Civilization as we know it today would be in jeopardy if the Republicans win the Senate.

Maher asked about voter turnout for Democrats, which he asserted was too low to carry the party in the mid-term.

“Nobody comes about to vote to say ‘thank you,’” Maher said. “The people who get health care now — they’re the people least likely to vote. The people who come out to vote are the angry people.”

“That’s true,” said Pelosi. “Fear is a motivator, and we are not fear-mongers. The Democrats are Messengers of Hope, and that’s what we will continue to be.”

dems - messengers of hope

This Child Could Be Another Moses

Or Typhoid Mario.

the new Moses


Koch Brothers Cannot Buy Our Government – Current Owners Refuse To Sell



Nancy Pelosi Gives A Foot Bath To Another Immigrant


Nancy’s Easter Foot Wash Photo-Op


The Cruz, He Burns Them.

cruz burns the blood suckers

The Americans Are Coming!

Based on an idea from that leading American, stout Patriot and fellow member of the Resistance, Bubba

americans are coming