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Tine For Barr-B-Que

bills cooking

A Clear Warning To Americans From The Worst President Ever


America Needs A Nice Hot Bath


Huge Ass Endorsement For Trump!

J-Lo held a concert over the weekend in support of Hillary Clinton. The Lo half of the act openly dissented. (This really happened.)


This Was Done To Expose Trump

But It Backfired.


Trump’s No Saint – Neither Are You

Or me. God knows. But it’s him vs 4-8 more years of the 3 headed monster.That’s the choice.


**(Martha Rattzazz Redass Raddatz was selected to personify the rat shit rotten Clinton campaign media wing in this cartoon. Andrea Mitchell will return, once the swelling subsides.)

We Apologize In Advance For The Violence Depicted Herein, Against Flies

We’re sorry. It’s a political cartoon and we’re using you to provide a premise for smacking Hillary Clinton right in her fat, medicated face while appearing to be doing something completely innocent. We mean to incite no actual violence against the fly community. Fly Lives Matter. Now you’ve got 48 hours max – don’t waste it protesting us.


We Really Should Give The Dems Credit

Roll Legacy, Roll.


The Goose Is Cooked

I love when the Press gets exposed as the Salad Tossers for Hillary that they are. Silly Geese. Very well-played by Trump. Supoib. YUUGE.


Official Labor Day Kickoff Report – Hillary Is Out…

MFNS Sports:  The Game is underway. Nobody gives a shit about any of that background crap. Here’s where we are, late in the 3rd period:

With the help of numerous questionable calls from the Officials, Hillary was able to break one free into the open field. Thinking she was set to go the distance, she began her high step – Deion Sanders style – and never saw the Email Safety coming in like a hock-seeking rocket from her blind side. (photo below)

They took her to the locker room following her fumble. And also her apparent concussion with possible blood clotting and risk of massive stroke, too. She’s had a few scans (all negative) along with several adult beverages and is resting comfortably under constant Abedin care. She is expected to return in the crucial 4th quarter of the contest but she will only play as much as is needed to drag her battered and drunken carcass over the goal line.

And at the end of the 3rd quarter we’re still all tied up, 50 to 50.

dance it in

League officials confirm, the Email Safety plays for the Wikileaks Trots and entered the game uninvited. Team Trump will not be penalized on the play.

Little Toot, Losing Steam


Trump Leads In Louisiana Invitational – Obama Falls Short – Clinton Exhausted

enough said