1. OK, so some are concerned that Trump has no “political experience”. Even though he wasn’t my first choice, (or second or third), I see that as a YUUUUGE positive, (also won’t hurt to have a nice pretty lady replace “Queen Kong” in the White House). Here are the choices, distilled to their essence… you can have a lawyer, whose aim is to obfuscate laws and “win” their case for guilty clients, or a businessman who has to profit by organizing stuff to succeed at a task. Now, BOTH have been successful at those things, but which/(witch) one has been a dishonorable pursuit? About damned time we send a message to D.C. that WE are the government, and THEY are OUR servants!!!!!!!!

  2. The Democratic party needs to be reduced to something like the Manson Ranch but with a smaller population.

  3. Jeez, the Democrat Party needs to be reduced to the confines of Alcatraz Island, thereafter to be patrolled by tourist boats chuming the sharks all over San Francisco Bay.

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