We Apologize In Advance For The Violence Depicted Herein, Against Flies

We’re sorry. It’s a political cartoon and we’re using you to provide a premise for smacking Hillary Clinton right in her fat, medicated face while appearing to be doing something completely innocent. We mean to incite no actual violence against the fly community. Fly Lives Matter. Now you’ve got 48 hours max – don’t waste it protesting us.



  1. Hope you don’t get any “fallout” from shrillary’s whoresband for speaking about violence against the “fly” community. His LIFE revolves around his fly, (and in front of it and behind it). shrillary’s expression reminds me of two things… the song “Marty Feldman Eyes” ( https://youtu.be/4a7Ge_sy7Zw ) and the fact that her head is like an Etch-a-Sketch… you wiggle that vacuous noggin and it goes completely blank!

  2. Earl, you’re the best. Never in a million years did I think I’d feel sorry for a fly.

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