Trump’s No Saint – Neither Are You

Or me. God knows. But it’s him vs 4-8 more years of the 3 headed monster.That’s the choice.


**(Martha Rattzazz Redass Raddatz was selected to personify the rat shit rotten Clinton campaign media wing in this cartoon. Andrea Mitchell will return, once the swelling subsides.)


  1. Well you’ll disagree EoT but it might might be more appropriate that our standard bearer is a couple of Champales short of a six pack. Stonewall probably wasn’t right in the head sorta but he cut through them federals like hot smoke though a hooka. Its in the Lord’s hands.

  2. Well, if I were you Earl I wouldn’t put much more into this train wreck. Take the American patient off of life support and focus on Texit. What’s Galveston like by the way?


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