1. Concur, new format doesn’t work for me. Doesn’t even display on some devices, awkward on the rest.

      1. I’ll thirds or fourth that. here’s a suggestion have the new topic pic/meme large at the top and the previous offerings, currently in the side bars on either side, about three quarters of the size of the new offering.

        The new format won’t keep me from coming to appreciate your whit. It’ll just make it easier on an old pair of eyeballs.

        1. Well I didn’t have the mobile version enabled – might be the problem for those on phones. I work on desktop and laptops – not a phone guy. Testing here looks like it works. I hope this helps and thanks for the feedback.

  1. Bwahaha! Greta will fly into the DNC on her magic carpet with Nike Air Colons on. The slaw squaw will break into a rain dance in mid-winter.
    Esteemed party member Comrade Kommissar Bernie Sanders has some well worn copies of Das Kapital to pass out.
    Jo Jo Biden was busy thinking a hole in a boilerplate with his high powered intellect.

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