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Bad Dream


Our Sunday Homage To Old Doc Seuss

bernie store



Allegory On Feeling The Bern


That Future Bernie Wants You To Believe In

Just in case anyone out there hasn’t seen it yet. Looks yummy, doesn’t it?


Hey It’s Happening In Venezuela Now

The inevitable result of some activated pack of dumbasses’ fervent and evergreen desire for socialism. Millions of them right here in America, following this bony old retarded Chaveznik down the Shining Path.

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There Are Times I’m Not Totally Sure What I’m Doing

Like this one, for example. I might have had a little too much lemonade. I don’t remember.

Anyway y’all can help me out by watching for obvious signs of stroke and/or eruliaf niarb that might appear in the toons, or elsewhere. Just drop me a heads-up like “Earl, your shit looks retarded!” and I will call 191 from here. Things You!


2016 Election Update

The latest data on how Demonrat voters are breaking, as analyzed and reported by the crack staff over at the MFNS Data Analysis Office in Shreveport.

(And you can laugh all you want about how they drink and cuss and run around buck naked – but their numbers are always dead solid perfect. You have to give them that. I’ll accept no argument asserting otherwise.)

dem stats

Moah Boids!

It means he’ll be dead soon.


Move Over Bernie – Bigger Bird Lands On Clinton’s Podium

hillary bird

Knows Dead Meat When It Smells It

Democrat Match Game

dem match game

Jiggy, Soggy, Wiggly, Jello-y Oldness

Granny and Pops do Hip-Flop.


Which One Will Die First?

And Then