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Song Of Liahwatha

injun threat

She Might Have Made It If Her Labials Hadn’t Deflated

warren volvo wagon

Liz Warren Is Assembling Her Meme Team And Launching The Warren Wagon

Seriously. It’s a twitter thing and I don’t do twitter but have seen reports. They’re pimping the Warren Wagon as an alternative to the Trump Train. What a Concept!

So I want to help out. I hope she likes them.

warren wagon-early

This meme named “The First Known Photo of the Warren Wagon ca 1973” provides funny yet accurate historical context and establishes Sen Warren’s All American bona fides.


This super-duper ACTION meme imagines the President Warren War Wagon it it might be deployed into the less-enlightened sections of the country in 2020. This will strongly encourage and motivate our base supporters who just want revenge, at any cost.

warren wagon2

Here’s another winning meme to stir-up the base. Showing the future Madam President as the Maga Mortician on route to an interment. Cleverly, the flag draped coffin establishes that she is referring only to white people as “Trash”, so there’s no racism involved. Winner!

warren meme


Monday Night Triple EW! Special

The Liebrarian, EW!


The Nasty Woman, EW!


The Fake Indian, EW!!


This actual real bona fide cookbook published by The Five Civilized Tribes lists recipes contributed by its members, including Elizabeth Warren, Cherokee. At least 2 of her recipes were copied word for word from existing published recipes meaning she cheated on the Tribes she cheated to join. EW!

It’s A Nanny! It’s A Librarian! It’s Dumber Than Dogpoo! It’s Super EW!


Fundraisers Are The Exception To Warren’s “No-Handsy” Policy

handsy liz

A Bonus for our Readers! We cordially invite you all to click on this unaltered photo of Elizabeth Warren to see a closeup of her granny beard. (Go ahead, we tested it and nobody went blind or died. It’s safe.)

big hairy liz


Elizabeth Warren Is Wearing Everybody Out

Even at home. Can’t you imagine?


Physics Pop Quiz

Name the result of this event:


Elizabeth Warren The Impotent Squaw Vows To Stop Trump

pound grass

DemocRat 2015 State Of The Slate

This presidential campaign is going to be so much fun…

democrat 2016

Joe Meets With The Warrenho Sorosota People

He is one of the most useful idiots out there. The past 7 years are proof enough of that assertion.

Good Old Uncle Joe. He is affable enough, God love him.

Good Old Uncle Joe. He is affable enough, God love him.

Another Reality Series Coming Soon