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Spotlight On POC Statuary: A Disadvantaged Community Sadly Memorializes Its Most Beloved Crack Addict

It was originally planned to be a fountain but budget shortfalls forced the Memorial Committee to scale back to a regular statue as the testimonial of the community’s genuine love and affection for the habitual vagrant and perennial disease vector known locally as Crackhead Jed.  Jedidiah Tyree Johnson was the name they used at the prison, but he always went by just Jed. Or CJ. His closest friends called him Lucky, because he’d never worked a day at a real job, ever.  And he’d always gotten by OK.  Until last week when he was tragically compacted to death in a trash truck behind the Food Land.

Now Jed was a brain-dead, wall-eyed, rock-smokin’ zombie – but he knew his dumpster pickup schedules – and he made his nightly sleeping arrangements accordingly.  The truck last week picked up a day early.  The driver was a recent hire, running an unfamiliar route.  Jed breathed his last into a soft, enveloping pillow of overripe mangoes.  And he was gone.  But now, he will never be forgotten.


Saw The Weirdest Thing On CSpan


Hey It’s A Lot Less Money Than The Real Tattoos

Available in sizes to fit the skinniest,  scrawniest limbs out there!

sleeve tats

Newly Discovered Research Library Suggests Nazis Hated White Women The Most

OK there are a few brunettes mixed in, we regret the error in our graphic.  Nonetheless, it remains noteworthy that every female victim depicted in this toxic assortment is white. We have seen no women of color, at all.  Not even as maids, laundresses or cooks.

Clearly, the Nazis held an especially potent hatred for young, beautiful, sexy white women. We’ve yet to explore the reasons why they preferred soft, lithe, sweet-smelling white girls more than the darker, hairier, muskier females of other ethnic makeups.  Perhaps even more curious is the fact that every victim documented in these pages is of the exact same measurements, height and weight as the others. We cannot discern the slightest difference between them.

We suspect this may be solid evidence of experimental cloning, possibly driven by their insatiable need for women…like those shown in this very small sampling below.

nazis preferred blondes

How It Works


Obama Brings His Good Left Arm To Assist The Rioters In Kenya – Stuns His Compatriots

They don’t want to be in front of him, but he only fights from the rear.


Jake The Snake

The Media is full of shitpile worms…98% of them, at least.  Outright liars.  Fake Jake gets a spotlight for his incessant claims of Non-Biased Reporting. He’s a lying snake, lower than weasel balls.

I hate the Media.


Just A Photo I Came Across

Figured you’d all enjoy seeing it.

Does she have butt pads or the compressor-type underpants? Or both? I see pancakes.


For Some Reason, Things Are Playing Out Differently This Time

Covfefe – Norkly Style

nork covfefe