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The 2016 Democrat Wiener Pull Begins


Mister Saturday Night

I spent the better part of Sat night and Sunday morning barfing. When I wasn’t barfing I was drenched in sweat. Changed my t-shirt 6 times. Slept in a recliner in my man cave/garage because the in home AC was freezing me at 78. Couldn’t keep any liquids down and had no appetite for food. Barfed up my meds. Had a persistant abdominal pain – it wouldn’t let up. That’s why I call it persistent.

Went to the ER and got right in, amazingly. My BP was 225/112 so that helped expedite me. I was dehydrated. They gave me Dilaudid and 2 liters of precious bodily fluids and a CAT scan of my pelvic components – I waited patiently while they fetched the longer lens. We were done in 5 minutes. Go ahead and laugh…I was near death but ha-ha-ha.

So the Doc came in after and said I have Killary Stones attacking my kidneys. That bitch! The very idea! So I says “Let’s get those Ho’s out of there!” But he says I can push them out eventually…by myself. Through. My. Johnson. The dear sweet appendage to which I offer daily love and affection will, someday soon, be gnawed at by nasty little rocks with huge overbites. He gave me paper funnels with screens in the bottom, so I might catch the little peterorites as they exit my inflamed urethra. He gave me 4. Perhaps I’m supposed to rinse them out for re-use? My hope is the Drug Store has them by the box, so I can keep them at my desk.

Well anyway, I’m feeling much better now and thought I’d let everyone know I’m not yet dead. Because I’m not, yet.

hillary stone

Visual Metaphor


Great answers everyone!

Alert reader Preston Brooks has submitted the actual answer in “Candy Ass Kaine”.

(The judges would also have accepted “Candy Big Giant Ass Kaine”,  “Candy Lame Ass Kaine”, “Candy Infected Dog Anus Kaine” “Sugar Slut Kaine” and “Mint-y Fuckstick Up Your Ass Buttboy Kaine” as winning entries.Like it matters.)

Congrats to Mr/Ms Brooks and thanks to everyone for playing.


OK so Ho-Bag chooses a hamster-faced hippie to be her Co-Bag and the first order of business is to think up an angle to commemorate (“meme”) it.

So here’s one take. It is intended to visually represent a well-known phrase you’ve all heard probably thousands of times in your lives, without using the actual words. Give us your translations in the comments and we’ll see if it’s been effectively illustrated.

Hint: The phrase ends with “Kaine”.

kaine metaphor

The Clinton Global Mall

clinton global mall

But Only To Decent People, Not Democrats


Hillary’s VP Search Seeks Balance

Could be this gal.


Obama Wants To Fundamentally Change The Police


Based On The Classic Grifter Movie From The 70s

Loosely based. Just as grifted.


This Is Damn Well Not Who We Are

I’ve had way more than enough of what Barack Hussein Obama has inspired. I will run to vote for Trump.

R.I.P., Heroes.


Delta Name “Floundress”



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