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Once Trump Is Defeated, This Guy(?) Insists The Country Must Destroy All Trump Supporters For The Crime Of Being Deplorable To People(?) Like Him(?)

Good luck on your Quest, Mr Maddow.


Amazon/WAPO Attacks Trump-Branded Straws While They Ship TONS Of Plastic-Straws And Everything Else

Blindly partisan dickwads, they are. You don’t have to go read/ridicule it, but yes this is offered as real analysis. Real Truth to Power, from the Amazon family of cheap, throwaway plastic crap:


The Socialist Skwad


Joe’s Campaign Strategy

joe campaign theme

Doesn’t Have To Be Somalia – Just Send Her Back To Shitholesota*

*with apologies to all decent Minnesotans, I refer only to the district that elected her. And I wasn’t at all nice aboot it, no.


I Have To Admit He Was Hilarious In That Movie

admiral joe


biden no borders

“The Four Horsemen Of The Apocalypse” Is A Bit Of A Reach When It Comes To This Squad

asses of destruction

New Dumbslinger Challenges Western Legend In Duel Of Twits


Downhill Racers

left is down

Good Way To Get Bitten: Never Ever Get Right In A Dog’s Face


The Identity Wars: A New Twist