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Looming Chaos As Furloughed Feds Go Back To Sleeping At Home



The Wokest Razor Ever


Banned From Walmart!


Police say a older woman has been banned from a local Walmart after she spent several hours driving an electric shopping cart around the store while drinking wine from a Pringles can.

Police said that officers responded to a suspicious person call at about 9 a.m. Friday at a Walmart in Mohegan Lake, about 18 miles northwest of Chappaqua.

Mohegan Lake police spokesman Jeff Hughes says the woman had reportedly been riding the electric cart for about three hours circling the Beer and Wine aisles, often accompanied by an elderly man in a separate cart. A store security photo appears to show this man handing off a bottle of what looks to be fortified Chardonnay to a woman drinking from a potato chips can

Hughes says police eventually found the woman browsing spinal support products and told her she could not return to the store.

Police say the woman wasn’t arrested, and her name was not released. They are asking for the public’s help in identifying the man as they are still pursuing him on accusations of indecent exposure made towards multiple female associates in the Meat department.

New Clown In Town


I’ve Hardly Noticed


Brilliant Startup Automaker Debuts Walking Car



Green Energy News: Soylent Coal Will Close The Sustainable Power Loop

If I thought of this, you know they have.


sustainableAnd the ashes make great fertilizer!

We’re Up!

We are all up in your internets again. Have to rearrange some furniture and such – will be back at work soon.

Thanks to all for the support…esp bobdog, many thanks.


We’re Down

Hi folks

Technical difficulties are preventing access to my MS account – login no longer accepts my password and I think I’m in a fatal loop. I can’t get into my computer. May have to get a new system altogether.

Sucks but we’ll be back soon.



Hey Earlexa – Explain Burkas


explain burkas



Political Marketing: Liz Warren Campaign Tests Alternate Scripts For Positive Reactions From Voters In The Recreational Mind-Altering Community

liz problems

I Don’t Have One Of These Outfits In My Closet

Thanks to MJA/IOTW and also plus too my friend Lisa @ The Way I See Things for the Linkenings.


Sorry, I’ve been trying to work up some terrific new posts I’m sure you’ll all enjoy but I got off in the weeds internet-wise and encountered what passes for modern men’s non-binary beings fashion (haute couture des cinglés non binaires; locos no binarios) and it depresses me profoundly and also very deeply and thoroughly.

The following are the actual ensembles presented in the past few years (they’ve no doubt only gotten more woke by now) by a major worldwide prestigious and expensive as hell design house. (The ad is from a local retailer trying to break into the SJW-LGBTQ market.)

What a world.

styles for thems