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What’s That Dick Up To Now?


Californians Reject Trump – Vow To Break From USA, Form New Country

Sometimes things just work out well for everyone.


“We Need A National Strike To Stop Trump”

“A general strike and boycott, or Sick Out, would be a commitment not to go to work or buy anything on January 20. It would not focus on any single cause or demand; instead, it would be a show of our collective power in opposition to Trump’s extremism.

This action will show the country and the world that we will not participate in Trump’s America as he has described it. It will do so in the most powerful way possible—by shutting down, as much as possible, the nation’s economy.”

This just tickles the shit out of me. I can’t wait to behold the strength of their fully functional Collective Power, shutting down our economy by not going to jobs they don’t have or buying things without money.



Flying Off The Shelves – Lib Super Heroes 4 Pack

Seriously, we are flogging the workers to increase production but demand for this set is incredibly brisk. If you want one in time for the Winter Holiday Break, we strongly suggest you order now.


Here Comes Santa Claus


These Endangered Birds Are Rapidly Disappearing From America – And It’s All Donald Trump’s Fault


Let’s Pause To Remember Those Who’ve Gone Before Us.

Here’s to the unsung Heroes of Black Friday. Those who answered the call of duty and risked life and limb in pursuit of the most incredible door-buster savings of the season!

For what?



In Case You Missed The Parade Yesterday

Our super talented girls were there again this year and treated everyone to another incredible performance using their amazing musical talents to delight the crowd.

I wish we had the audio.



Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!


Mysterious Malady Strikes Sedona Arizona

The majestic sandstone pinnacles of the Arizona desert have stood tall and proud for millenia. Now some unknown event has made them as flaccid as boiled spaghetti and leading scientists are scrambling to discover the reason why. Early assessments ascribed a period of cold showers as the likely culprit, however the current warmer temps have resulted in no resolution of rigidity. The root cause remains a mystery.

Once deemed sacred ground by First American shamans and priests, the earliest inhabitants held to a legend that foretold the fall of the Big Honking Spirit Staffs following the arrival of the sexually-repellent entity known to them as Kooh-Kooh-Nooh-Key-Ho or Packs-Pebbles-In-The-Pussy-Woman. And as crazy as that sounds, it’s as likely an explanation as anything science has to offer us today.

Meanwhile efforts are ongoing to restore the towers to their former upright stature. Highly skilled professionals from the Handlers and Erectors Union are en route from Reno and Vegas while top shelf lube and tissue techs are already on site, slathering everything up for the hoisting, pulling, tugging, jerking and jacking to come in the morning.