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Gorsuch Faces Intense Questioning From Dem Senators


It’s Coming Out Of The Woods

We thought It was beaten, humiliated and ashamed. We thought we were safe from Its evil Toxic Taint forever. But no…It has vowed to return from Its woody hermitage to once again plot another diseased, slimy, pathogenic path to power. It Lives!

out of the woods


Recent Symposium Confirms: Media Bias Is Real


I Have A Cold

Sorry I’ve been scarce.



Trimming Down The Government – We Will Hear The Same Old Crying From The Same Old Squealers

People will starve!  People will get sick!  People will die!


Just Try Calling Them Tomorrow

Government probably closed this week. At least through Wednesday. Because they’re hard-charging, dedicated public servants. Yep.


Earlier today at the EPA:


The Obama Bunch

We’re pitching a new reality show – we think it beats the crap out of the Kardashians, particularly if viewers have no overly keen interest in seeing store-bought titties and lab-grown asses. For those viewers, we offer The Obama Bunch.

You probably recognize most or all of our cast, but clockwise from upper left:

Auntie Valerie X, Mama June Moose, Uncle Joe and he dog Stripey, Daughter Melanoma “La Tostada”, The GranMoose, Choom Daddy, Daughter Sarcoma “Salty Biscuit”, Cousin Reggie Love.

obama bunch

Here’s the pilot episode. Joe moves in after Jill throws him out for skinny dippy with a lady UPS driver. Unfortunately he fails to recognize the GranMoose and so enrages her that she puts him in the hospital. (We’ll play laugh tracks, no worries.)

episode 6

The next episode (if we get picked up) will feature 47 former US Attorneys competing for the right to camp in the Obama’s backyard. Only the top 11 will get to stay inside the wall and the overall champion wins the cozy shed behind the garage. It has a sink.

I Miss Them

That time at Halloween…


The Foundation Of An Independent American Press Is Built Upon The Integrity And Honesty Of The Publishers

On the other hand, there’s New York.


Women’s Day Boycott Had Little Impact On Economy. Only One Sector Showed Decline.

And only because the marching girls forgot to put out food.