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Biden Won’t Legalize Marijuana

They’re Generationally Qualified But They Aren’t Boomers – They’re Bombers


Iowa Poles Hoist Bootifudge

Correction: This report includes an unfortunate typographical error that was not corrected prior to publication. The word Poles should have been Penises. We sincerely regret the error and hereby apologize to all people of Polish heritage for the confusion.


Let Them Fight – I Might Watch


Yep It’s That Kind Of Court

Just Nasty

NBC LA reports a homeless man attacked a woman near the Hollywood Walk of Fame, pulling her from her car and pouring a bucket of feces on her head.

Now we’re all about to get the same thing. Only difference is he’s dickless not homeless.


hot diarrhea

Meanwhile, Down In Dorquemada’s Dungeon Of Dumbshit


Schiffenstain’s Little Monster


Song Of Liahwatha

injun threat

She Might Have Made It If Her Labials Hadn’t Deflated

warren volvo wagon

They Are Rotten


Celebrity Spotlight

Been a while since we’ve heard from The Voice Of Her Generation, Lena Dunham – but we’re glad to see she has a new boyfriend.


Works WAY Better Than Pebbles!