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I’ve Never Felt Prouder To Be American

Love this man.



A junior member of The Cat Ladies Collective made a fuss recently over equipment designed to brace and steady cattle because she thought it was built to torture and kill cows for fun. Seriously.


Wait, Elsie the Cow doesn’t have a nose ring. ?

“Cow crushers designed to crush cows to death is one horrid thing but this is a whole new level or cow torture! This device gives farmers a kick from LITERALLY crushes the poor animal whilst rotating it up, down, side to side in a rapid movement controlled by a big tractor machine, shaking it around in HORROR! This is NOT a theme park!

This poor cow had no hope, the blood would have rushed to her head until she passed out and who knows what the “farmers” did to the poor animal after that. All I know is that she is dead now and is probably covered in urine.

I found this photo on google, which I thought was a G rates site. I WILL find the cowards who did this to poor Stephanie (my children named her that out of respect) and let it be known that my eldest son is in the group ANTIFA, so let that be a warning to anyone else who takes sexual pride in torturing poor animals.

Have a great day, Sam”


Squeeze Chutes Hold Cows Still For Treatment

Now not everyone will see these devices and know what they’re for.  But a quick check of source photos by the deranged lunatic above would put normal people off from naming the animal Stephanie.


Huey, Dewey and Louie

Weirdest of all, this is a story of public consumption of fake news – it rose to the level of investigation by one of Facebook’s Annointed Priestly Class of Fact Checkers. In this case, via Snopes.

People are this stupid.

OK Update Here

Also served as quick reference graphical highlights, below.

The Story: Fell ill at 12:30 am July 4th. Tried to ride it out Wed -end up at ER for fireworks on account of dehydratio and BP cr ap.  Docs see stone on CT Scan. Estimate at 5mm and we try waiting. Reassess requires surgery and can’t get Doc until Sat. No food/water after midnight Sat am. Surgery at 11 am. Can’t even have hospital coffee – which is actually not bad there now. Surgery with a frikkin’ laser to break up the rock and retrieve the remnants from the incredibly cruel abuse and mis-treatment dished out against my loyal and stout Little Bestest Pal. The poor kid. He had no idea what they’d planned for their assault so he never saw it coming. I’d have saved him from it, if I could. I’ve sheltered him for years but now he had to step up and shoulder the load. I admit he’s made me proud. But it’s also a bit sad. Even the little guys get bigger someday.

They attached the longest “catheter” (leash) somewhere in back part of my neck and left a small loop of thread hanging out of Buddy, so when the proper time came I would finally lose my tonsils though via an anterior path. The other leash was a “Foley” and about the size of a residential water hose. I sure it would never fit because I didn’t know jack about the elasticity limit of the human urethra. Boy was I ever wrong.

Then they sent me home Wednesday 11th. There’s a little relapse and back in til yesterday afternoon. Tired like never before – getting harder to snap back from this horseshit. Not getting cheaper of course.

Ah well, my sincerest thanks for all the well wishes in the comments. Means a ton to me, seriously. Truly honored – and I haven’t the words…go figure. Thanks a million everyone. We’ll keep at it.



Update on Earl

Hi folks went to hosp on 4th with heap big kidney stone. 1/2″ – they quarried it out. Home now- back asap!



Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?

This idea could do it in one weekend. Without even including the take from merchandise and concessions. You’ll be set for life. All I want is 10% of the gross sales. And an employee discount.

easy money


Justine, Elle Riposte!!

Oh man. We’ve done it now. He’s really mad.


Sunday Cavalcade Of News

A New York City Congressional District with 68% democrat voters chose a communist bartender in their primary election. Maybe she’ll win in the fall. It won’t matter. She’s a dumb ass.


Mexico looks likely to elect another Communist as President. It won’t matter. He’s a dumb ass.


The American ambassador to Estonia retired, finally. It doesn’t matter. He’s a dumb ass.

estonia amb

EXCLUSIVE PHOTO: Mexican Human Smugglers aka “Coyotes” transporting illegals with children across the Rio Grande (“Big River”) to America. Coyotes are known to be relentless and cunning dumb asses.



Vintage Yum Yums:  Catherine Deneuve and Natalie Wood.


And finally, let’s kill that buzz with the announcement that former First Wookie Michelle Obama will open a chain of “Let’s Moose!” Yoga spas. The Big Mothership facility and corporate world headquarters opens on the 4th on the Southside of Chicago, near the site for the new Presidential LieBarry:



So The Smuggler Left This 6 Yr-Old Boy On The Curb – In The Desert – With No Food And Half Of A Soda

I guess the dems would have us do the same thing?

The Story.

6 yr-old


Loseston Canklehill Maybe?

Dance For Me Jimmeh!

I’m no good at gifs. But I am easily amused.


Early Poll Reveals Socialist Democrats’ Preferred Presidential Candidates


This Could Be Really Dangerous

This could easily cause a fatal accident. And complete loss of vision, for the rubber-neckers and first responders.  Oh the huge manatee.

h/t to alert reader and earnest news-gatherer SafeSpace for the word.