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This Was Done To Expose Trump

But It Backfired.


Screech & Schlong On Tour

America’s Excruciating New Duet singing in perfect harmony!


This Is 100% True.

He wanted her for one special night. She promised she’d come if he paid big bucks to her Foundation. She took his money and stiffed him. The email from Wikileaks


HazMat Team Gives All Clear At Clinton Campaign HQ – Mysterious Powder ID’d As Non-Hazardous


I Was Thinking About The Whore Of Babylon, For Context.


It’s Real. You Can See It In Her Smile.


They’ve Hit Bottom. Let’s Keep Them There.

The Polls are fake and skewed, folks – just go vote. We’ll win.

Highly embarrassing election date error corrected – thanks to Cracker Barrel Philosopher for the head slap.


The Corn Is Our Uranium And The Crow Is A Russian


Trump’s No Saint – Neither Are You

Or me. God knows. But it’s him vs 4-8 more years of the 3 headed monster.That’s the choice.


**(Martha Rattzazz Redass Raddatz was selected to personify the rat shit rotten Clinton campaign media wing in this cartoon. Andrea Mitchell will return, once the swelling subsides.)

We Apologize In Advance For The Violence Depicted Herein, Against Flies

We’re sorry. It’s a political cartoon and we’re using you to provide a premise for smacking Hillary Clinton right in her fat, medicated face while appearing to be doing something completely innocent. We mean to incite no actual violence against the fly community. Fly Lives Matter. Now you’ve got 48 hours max – don’t waste it protesting us.