Jimmy Was Feeling Pretty Good As He Strode Through The Security Gate, Waving His Brand New Hard Pass And Grinning In Triumph. Then The Day Went Bad…



Stacey Abrams Claims Disqualification Of Key Dem Voting Bloc Was Done To Keep Her From Winning – Vows To Sue State Of Georgia To Resurrect Constituents’ Rights


The Flaw In The Democrats’ Plan To Steal The Election

Nobody checked until it was too late. The machine operator couldn’t read.


Crime Scene Improv

Democrats in charge, ha-ha-ha!  Oh sure, they’ll waste a lot of people’s time and money in the process but they’ll also provide a goldmine of material worthy of ridicule – and that’s our bread and butter here at the Point & Laugh Ranch. We can’t wait.


Amazing That Something Like This Was Ever Allowed To Happen

Linked from the Boss’s site! Maybe I’m getting a raise…or at least not fired.


“Dr” Brenda Snipes is outrageously corrupt and should have been sent to prison years ago. That she is allowed to supervise elections is incredible. Her race is irrelevant. She’s a lying thief and should be thrown out of office immediately. Harrumph.

late voting

Her hairdo freaks me out. Reminds me of somebody…oh yeah:


PDJT: Master Level Troll


Broken News

Poor old RBG.  We sincerely wish her a speedy recovery and maybe then rehab in a nice assisted living facility for a few years while the dementia takes over.

No, we’re totally kidding. We only hope she gets all better and then retires. Bless her heart.


Socialist Pig


Desperate House Witches Of New York

Your evil, nasty, rotten, dirty, underhanded never-fail special noxious blend of mendacious, administration-wrecking, Poisonous Political Potion?

He’s soaking in it.

Cackle cackle!



Careful – Images Like These Go Straight To The Hippocampus


naked libs


He Needs Help


Still Out Of The Delivery Zone