Hillary’s Accomplishments

Accomplishment #1 – She set new protocols for the security and defense of American diplomatic posts, like Benghazi. No more soldiers with hurty guns.

Accomplishment #2 – She blamed the deadly consequences of Accomplishment #1 on a video tape about Morehamhead and had the guy who made it jailed for a year.

Accomplishment #3 – She made an ass pile of money selling State Dept approvals to foreign governments for things like extra visas, permits, contracts and keeping them off the terrorist lists.

Accomplishment #4 – She successfully, to date, deleted all incriminating evidence documenting the crimes committed in her relentless pursuit of Accomplishment #3.

Accomplishment #5 – She screwed Colonel Bernie Sanders and his fried Left Wings to steal the Dem nomination.

benghazi the early days


  1. You missed one important accomplishment. She sold weapons to the terrorists that were superior to the weapons our people were using to protect the embassy. After all, it’s only fair that our enemies should be able to fight us with great weaponry.

    1. Good point and please forgive the omission. I’m an auxiliary backup semi-professional journalist not a curator. Also my research assistant is at summer camp and won’t respond to emails and texts because she’s a selfish hormonal little bish.

    1. I had to reduce to fit and it was unreadable but it wasn’t anything key to the joke. It said “Blow Away Zone” with a car broken in half. Yuk yuk eh?

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