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Hillary’s Accomplishments

Accomplishment #1 – She set new protocols for the security and defense of American diplomatic posts, like Benghazi. No more soldiers with hurty guns.

Accomplishment #2 – She blamed the deadly consequences of Accomplishment #1 on a video tape about Morehamhead and had the guy who made it jailed for a year.

Accomplishment #3 – She made an ass pile of money selling State Dept approvals to foreign governments for things like extra visas, permits, contracts and keeping them off the terrorist lists.

Accomplishment #4 – She successfully, to date, deleted all incriminating evidence documenting the crimes committed in her relentless pursuit of Accomplishment #3.

Accomplishment #5 – She screwed Colonel Bernie Sanders and his fried Left Wings to steal the Dem nomination.

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My Gut Says Hillary Was Running Weapons Out Of Libya To Syrian Terrorists – And Taking A Cut Of The Proceeds

I feels it in my bones.There was big money to be made in post-Ghadaffy Libya. Lots of opportunities for people with the right connections to cash-in Large. And who was more connected than the US Secretary of State, Co-Chair of the Clinton Global Foundation, spouse of an ex-President and a money-grubbing Ho?

The truth will come out, eventually. Until then I am left to my imagination.


Hard-Charging Media Grills Hillary At Campaign Stop

No, not really.

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Relax – She’s Only Deleted The Personal Emails

Like this one for example. The subject clearly states “wedding cake”. So you’ll never see it. Same as with Barry’s academic, medical and professional records. Nunya.



Obama Catched A Big Fish

While the Administration is claiming Ahmed Abu Khattala “is alleged to have been one of the masterminds” of the Benghazi attacks, confidential sources in Libya state he was only responsible for “answering the phones, some light filing and going out for donuts”. We’ll have more information as the story develops. Meanwhile, enjoy the spin.

bald eargle

The illustration above is a dramatization, obviously. Here is an actual photo of the Commander in Chief, directing the commando raid personally:



John Kerry Trots Off To Iraq


Well They Didn’t Use My Art For The Cover Of Hillary’s New Book

For some reason. Something political, no doubt. I thought I caught the essence of her term as SOS. Guess not.

Plus I got the title wrong, they say.

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Alan Grayson Will Be GOP’s Biggest Nightmare?

What, exactly, would anyone have to fear from this insane Troglodyte?

I’d love to see him on the Benghazi panel. I’d love Americans to see him too. He is the perfect example of what the Democratic Party has become.

So go ahead and beclown yourself, Quasimodo. I can’t wait.

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Wicked Witch Of The Worst




President Empty Chair

BAIER: Was the president in the Situation Room?


BAIER: Where was the president?

VIETOR: In the White House.

BAIER: He wasn’t in the Situation Room?

VIETOR: At what point in the evening?

BAIER: Any point in the evening.

VIETOR: It’s well known that when the attack was first briefed to him it was in the Oval Office and he was updated constantly.

BAIER: So when Hillary Clinton talks to him at 10:00 p.m., he’s where?

VIETOR: I don’t know. I don’t have a tracking device on him in the residence.

BAIER: But you were in the Situation Room and he wasn’t there.

VIETOR: Yes, I was in the White House.

BAIER: And the president wasn’t in the Situation Room?

VIETOR: Not in the room I was in. Let’s just be clear. You don’t have to be in the Situation Room to monitor an intelligence situation.


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Crafting The Benghazi Talking Points