1. She shouldn’t be allowed out in public unless she’s wearing a hermetically sealed Burkah.

  2. What cracked me up was when one of the assorted shining lights of the Democrat party said they had to “stand up for what they believed in…and they all sat down!

  3. I think nude pictures of Nancy Pelosi playing Twister played a large part in the Brexit vote.
    Voters were threatened with a picture of Pelosi if they voted to leave and two pictures if they voted to stay!

  4. Left foot green,right foot red. Imagine how many crabs and crotch crickets hit the floor with that spread by Nutsy.

      1. Oh you’re killing me. My wife hates to listen to politics. But you make even her laugh Earl. Thanks for what you do.

        Cuts the stress to see your cartoons and read the comments. Now what did I do with that xanax.

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