Liz Warren Is Assembling Her Meme Team And Launching The Warren Wagon

Seriously. It’s a twitter thing and I don’t do twitter but have seen reports. They’re pimping the Warren Wagon as an alternative to the Trump Train. What a Concept!

So I want to help out. I hope she likes them.

warren wagon-early
This meme named “The First Known Photo of the Warren Wagon ca 1973” provides funny yet accurate historical context and establishes Sen Warren’s All American bona fides.
This super-duper ACTION meme imagines the President Warren War Wagon it it might be deployed into the less-enlightened sections of the country in 2020. This will strongly encourage and motivate our base supporters who just want revenge, at any cost.
warren wagon2
Here’s another winning meme to stir-up the base. Showing the future Madam President as the Maga Mortician on route to an interment. Cleverly, the flag draped coffin establishes that she is referring only to white people as “Trash”, so there’s no racism involved. Winner!

warren meme



  1. Try this one, from Monty Python and the Holy Grail, the “bring out your dead” scene.

  2. Here’s a meme for the Warren Wagon team. The Left can’t meme. It’s an inescapable law of nature that the Warren campaign somehow missed. Maybe another example of the Dunning-Kruger Effect, where dumb people don’t know that they don’t know things, so they keep telling us how smart they are.

  3. The midget on the back is Patrick Kennedy (born 1967).
    Before there was “riding shotgun” they had “riding horse’s ass”

  4. I think the rag-shrouded midget on the back of Warren’s skid-steer is Ilhan Omar. They’re both on their way to the synagogue for Friday evening prayers.

  5. I dunno what’s more annoying to behold, Hillary in her Capt. Kangaroo coats or the squaw in her trademark black leotard & sweater ensemble.

  6. Lol please tell me this genuine cringe boomer humor, I’ll be so let down if this is clever right wing satire.

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