Shocking photos of DEMOCRAT Congresswoman Katie Hill are revealed as she’s seen NAKED while smoking a bong and kissing her female…um, whatever that is

Egad! Shocking news. And she’s a Trump-hating democrite. The story and the rest of the pics here

Here’s naked Katie brushing an unidentified assistant’s hair
This is Katie’s naked bisexual ass. With a little Berlin Wall.
Katie demos her latest oral technique to an unidentified staff member


  1. I wonder what story this is a distraction for.

    Yesterday, the story broke about a State Department employee’s testimony that completely blew up Hillary’s Benghazi lies. Let’s see if he commits suicide over the weekend.

  2. Your depiction makes more sense than the funhouse acid trip that is this story, whatever this is. Are The Others fucking with our minds again? Is the entire country a lunatic asylum or is it just me?

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