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To What Location Should We Exile Hillary? UPDATE:

Alert commenter Mark has called it correctly. We will deport her to the island of Lesbos. Home of Sappho, the inventor of Lebesianism. She also was the inspiration for the Greek word sapphocate, which was later adopted into English as suffocate.

The island is currently overrun with muslim refugees from Syria and though attractive Western women have been sexually assaulted and attacked by roving bands of youths, the former Senator, Secretary and First Lady is believed to be in no danger whatsoever.

The muslims are horny but they’re not that horny.





Who deserves her most? Give me your thoughts folks. We’ll work something up, perhaps.

To Where shall she be banished, forever?


Hallo Beastie



Just Keeping This Out There

I realize these pictures of debauchery and the former Secretary of State are old hat to many of you. I’m posting them for the benefit of our younger viewers, who may be seeing them for the first time.

The important thing to bear in mind is that THIS REALLY HAPPENED and these photos have NOT been altered.

The former Secretary shown here shimmying up to the event's entertainer, a 6'2" transgender woman performing under the name  LaQueefa Anya Bona

Moments after the previous picture was snapped, Secretary Clinton was observed by multiple witnesses suckling at Ms Bona's ponderous teat.