1. you wimped out on the ears


    On Thu, Dec 6, 2018 at 7:08 PM WELCOME TO THE RIGHTLY GUIDED: wrote:

    > Earl of Taint posted: “” >

    1. It’s maybe the only time we’ve shrunk his ears down from normal size and it was only done to fit the available space. A deviation from our norm, yes…but not a wimpout.

  2. Yeah, but only ONE of these looks like he sucks on doorknobs for a hobby, or would refer to a Mexican Jewess as “Mary Cohen”.

  3. The thing is, they both have ‘Artificial Flavoring’!!!! You could not more get either one to actually tell you the truth about their political beliefs than you could get Elizabeth Warren to admit she is not part Cherokee.

    1. Yeah, Glenda, but at least with Liawatha/Fauxcahontas/Sackashitwea you have a 1 in 1024th chance of getting the truth. Numbers don’t go low enough to make odds for the other two.

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