They Actually Want To Go Back To A Stone Age Existence – And We Know Why

Personally, I’d give them 50,000 Federal acres somewhere, fence them all in to create their Garden of Nirvana and I’d put it all on Pay Per View for a worldwide audience. Ratings will be sky high once they start eating each other.

(All human figures in the snapshot below – except Al – are people who paid money to go into the wilderness and pretend they’re savages. Without any actual savagery, of course because they are just pretending – except the Bear – to be primitive. The thatched hut is a rental. I didn’t note where but it’s out there if anyone wants to reserve a cesspool-side cabana, for a romantic getaway.)

new living

new living2


  1. re:

    Well, that is weird. I just realized any time I see ‘Al’, I think of Al Franken.

    I took a couple secs and a few blinks to accept the inevitable. You were not referring to the ex-‘comedian’.

    Ha. That reminds me of the old joke:
    As a child, Al said he wanted to be a comedian… but everybody laughed at him.

    Well, they’re not. Laughing. Now.

    1. He’s pretty old now. Smokes weed all day but like they say, you gotta make hay while the sun’s shining – and he’s losing daylight. I’d do the same if I was him.

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