1. You will probably get some blowback over your cartoon: “How could you be so insensitive?!” “Children were killed!”, etc. But keeping in mind the whole black-on-white hate crime stats which no normie, sheeple, or cuck will ever talk about; the above satire is warranted. I know what I would be doing, if one of the victims was my grandchild. However, the Dead Elephants are going to retake Congress in 2022. Everything will be just fine! Such a sad, pathetic mindset. We are all Boers, now. Plan accordingly. Bleib ubrig.

  2. Many are angry over the MSM’s lack of coverage and correct analysis of this: It was a commie operation from motivation until completion. MSM, along with their enablers and all the other commies want us dead and gone (Whites). That they cover this and dismiss it in the same breath should clue whites in, as if the preponderance of evidence about open season on whitey is not enough. Don’t look for MSM to give us anything, other than more of their commie propaganda. The next one will be worse.

  3. Blaming the car for doing the damage is like failing a test, and blaming the pencil. When the truth of the assault is finally known, my bet will be a black man, recently converted to Islam, and performing Jihad, as required by their funny book.

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