Disgusting Middle Aged Woman Posts Extreme Closeup Photo Of Her Nasty Hairy Puss–

Oops…sorry, my mistake – just Jimmy Kimmel again. Not the first time he’s fooled me. I should know better, sorry. But come on…is it just me?


  1. Would rather look at an extremely close up of a hairy, middle aged pussy than……wait, you did post an extremely close picture of a hairy, middle aged pussy!

    1. Damn I thought I was the only person left that remembered that show!! How funny that he never got #metooed if for nothing else the “girls on trampolines” segment at the end of each show. Funny how some get THE PASS regardless of what they’ve done.

  2. Kimmel is such a little infant jagoff now. He went the way of the other little woke pussy, Howard Stern, who was also funny years ago. By the way, it never occurred to me just how much Kimmel looks like a rotten old vagina. Thanks for clearing all that up, Earl.

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