When Science Says It’s Safe, Joe Is Ready For The Road

The Malarkey Bus is in the shop. The toilet stopped working after the campaign loaned it to Stacey Abrams and crew. So Joe and a few hands will hit the trail (whenever Science says it’s All Clear) in his newly converted 75 HP Prius-Style 4 Wheel Drive Off-Road Earth Friendly Baja Enduro Racer; nicknamed The “Big Poot”.

Under current conditions, it remains locked in the garage. The campaign did release this photo of Joe pretending he’s really driving (as if they would ever allow such a thing) while honking the horn, which is custom-keyed to mimic the sound of flatulent bursts.

Maybe you’ll hear it soon in your own neighborhood!



    1. Right – note it’s sold by Planet Love and that means they’re woke and stuff. And it’s diesel but it’s like, clean diesel because it’s made with love. So it’s all totally like OK and sustainable diesel and that makes a difference.

  1. I’m a Chevy man until the day I die, but given a choice between this WokeMobile and a Ford EarthFucker, I know what my choice would be.

  2. Driving thru the ‘hood yelling “you ain’t black and you ain’t black” until the bottles of Olde English start flying. Good times…..

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