1. She needs some impeaching pants like Ed Grimley wannabe Jerry Nadless. Maybe Shrillary has an extra pantsuit with sporty gold hammer and sickle trim.
    This kabuki theater of the absurd has just about ruined the holiday season.
    It’s a good thing I’m already a few fries short of a happy meal because I can see how stressed people are at the grocery and out in the suburban bubble cloud cuckoo land stripmall, subdivision, industrial park zone.

  2. Her heart is full of black evil goo, the rotting stem cells of sacrificed children, just like her dark overlord Hilzebub.

    I’m galvanized. This is us versus Satan.

    1. Thank you! Your reference to sacrificed children has been and still is, the elephant in the room. I was hoping when the Mango Emperor took office that the whole child sex-trafficking, sale-of-aborted-babies, spirit-cooking, Wienergate pustule would burst. Evidently, the rot goes all the way to the top and any person who keeps digging ends up being visited by the Deep State Men in Black. The real Chastisement will be visited on this corrupt, syphilitic country by THE PERSON who is of a much higher pay grade.

      1. … visited by the Deep State Men in Black, and if they fail, by the guido handling Arkancide assignments for the FOEs (Friends of Epstein).

  3. “I Question Her Sincerity” , nothin’!
    I question her sanity!

  4. That twat prays? Yeah, and so does Satan, that he’ll get away with HIS shit, too. God is watching the two of ’em, fortunately.

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