1. Still looks like a repurposed sleeping bag (with the zipper at the bottom green band).
    I don’t think even a Hunger Games Capital City elitist would wear that.

  2. It’s not so much that masculinity is changing as much as it is that the media and Hollywood and the educational industry puts faggots and Lesbians along with other freaks of nature … front and center in all issues. Makes one think that they are the norm. It’s being force-fed to us like a lot of leftist horse-shit. Just ignore it all and live your life.
    Ignore political correctness, never say ‘I am not a racist’. No one should make you say such a thing. The standard set up is that we are not any more racist that any other race of people … in fact, whites are the least racist people of all. Okay, I’m done.

  3. Thanks for the fashion tip Earl. I work in Seattle. This sweet outfit would make me the juiciest, most wokeiest douche bag on the north side! I’ll need to grow a gnarly beard, and tie my mullet up into a man-bun to complete the look! I’ll grab a double soy latte mocha-chino, sashay into the office and really make a fabulous splash!

  4. On the bright side, Hillary would actually look better in that, um, garment than she does in her pantsuits.

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