Colin Paperdick Tells Us That Police Summarily Execute Men-Of-Color On Sight. So What Happened In Texas?

With the most heartfelt respect and condolences to Trooper Allen’s wife, family and fellow officers following his tragic murder by fugitive criminal Dabrett Black; we’re left wondering why he failed to follow the standing nationwide law enforcement policy which, according to Colin and his friends, allows him full legal clearance to shoot black men indiscriminately, without thought or pause?

Why did he turn his back on Black, to walk back to his patrol car? This allowed a cowardly miscreant the opportunity to pull a weapon and shoot Allen multiple times from behind.  Why risk his life, when he could have preemptively put his killer down like the feral dogs all black men are officially sanctioned as and assumed to be?  This makes NO sense when viewed through the Woke AF lens of Paperdick Thought. Somebody needs to ask Colin to explain this, as it contradicts his entire occupationally destructive Manifesto.

Cop Lives Matter


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