While You Were Shopping – A National Punami Rages

Most reporters don’t ever think of these angles. We think it’s one of the things that sets us apart. The fact is, there is always a dirty side to life…we look for that side first. And then we share that dirty side with you. You get the hole whole story, not just the clean, shiny side. And you have our word, we’ll never change (unless we’re dead).

brown friday
Chupacabra carcass courtesy Scooter Van Neuter / Big Hairy News


    1. A very astute connection. Alimentary Canal actually was the original name of the waterway recorded by early settlers. It was renamed in the 70s after everybody in the downstream half of town got a fungus.

  1. They must have changed it to the Potomac, because that is where most of the fungus, and parasitic creatures, seem to have settled.

  2. Hey! My paper boat! I been looking for that. Looking high, but mostly low—like this PICTURE. This low picture.

    1. All I see are NFL players……. oh wait….. there goes the commissioner, too.
      All of them….. down the drain. Where they belong.

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