Hate Trick Or Treaters? Averse To All Visitors, In General? Here’s Your Best Defense

Howdy to Western Rifle Shooters!
The following was produced at great speed and as yet undetermined cost in response to an indirect assignment from the Boss, Herself.

A full size, full color, fully repellent “Go Away” Door Poster – just in time for Halloween and all the other Holidays too!  Have it printed on outdoor (banner) vinyl – it will last for years!

(NOTICE: No Trigger Warning for the following visual because you really need to feel it.)



halloween door poster


  1. Hey, what if someone had a heart condition, huh? Oh, we didn’t think of THAT, did we? NNNNooooo. Always going for “the laugh.” Never considering the health implications for OTHERS. Shame! [Sorry to be so harsh.]

      1. Okay, then. I retract the quip. Whenever I see that horror, or my wife [but I repeat myself], my quip retracts.

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