1. How did a country with roots become so divided. One side is like the country I grew up in. The other side is insane. And what is the difference. I think it the Immigration and Naturation Act of 1965. A reading of the syllabus of the Act on Wikipedia answers many questions. Many thanks to the “Lion of the Senate”, Teddy Kennedy.

    1. silvestris: Don’t be so limiting in your placement of blame. You need to include Schumer, Missus Clinton, Pederasta, several other prominent Democrats, plus our friends and allies in the GOPe: Lindsay Grahamnesty, John McStain, Bob Corker, and those two idiot wimmin Senators that ALWAYS vote with the Left..

  2. You guys surely know that there is a petition at that official US Gummint site, the one that (by law) requires Presidential response. The petition demands that the Gummint classify “AntiFA” as a domestic terror organization. The threshold for action is 100K signatures. In one week, it has reached 200K signatures. PDJT cannot ignore this one.

  3. Middle America finally stopped working to pay the taxes that enable the Deep State and big government, and rallied together as the TEA Party to oppose all that was wrong with The Two Parties That Are One (TM). The forces of centralized power control government, education and mass media. They couldn’t allow a new majority political party to form that would actually represent the people, so the TEA Party had to be infiltrated, hijacked, derailed and discredited. They succeeded, but that did nothing to stop the popular dissatisfaction with big government and the corrupt cronies, so the popular political movement reemerged as the alt-right, a label which immediately generated a lot of political traction among those who wanted to distance themselves from big government Republican neocons such as McConnell, McCain, Graham, et al.

    The forces of darkness wasted no time in discrediting the rapidly growing alt-right movement via their usual methods. They used the power of government, education and mass media to associate the alt-right (those who believe in limited representative government) with racist KKK Nazi scum. The media was very selective in their coverage to create the message they needed. They ignored thousands of communists engaged in violent felonies as BLM and Antifa, while focusing on a few mentally ill white nationalist outliers they could equate to the alt-right. Americans were forced to side with violent communist revolutionaries to avoid being smeared as racists.

    The real irony is the far left has always relied on racial collectivism to further its divide-and-conquer agenda. The very people who are exploiting racism are using the false accusation of racism to discredit their political opponents. Welcome to Bizarro World, comrade.

      1. Thank you for all of your great images. Satire is a very powerful weapon, and few wield it as well as the Earl of Taint.

  4. Looks like Arizona won’t be on anitifa’s list of preferred vacation spots. Throw a bottle and get a wall of tear gas and pepper balls back for your trouble. Word is that the coyotes are still chasing some down who left town and are still running.

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