Breaking – Exclusive MFNS Special Report On The Possible Connection Between American Airlines Small But Cocky Customer Service Berserker And His/Her Alleged Modeling For Adult Themed Gag Products That Shame Those Who Are Short, Fat, Bald-Headed And Practically Dickless.

I can’t take full credit for this but I did assert in a previous post that I was searching for images of ‘love dolls’ but only in support of a breaking story I knew was coming. Because I’m a team player, that’s why.  I found the same inflatable product image my informant had described to me and found the AA Sawed-Off Nazi image on the web. The picture of the ejection itself is from someone over at Corporate/HQ who plucked it off the wire and shared it with my inside source who also happened to be an invited guest at a bawdy, ladies-only celebration of impending nuptials, where the “Midget Man” inflatable ‘love doll’ was part of the featured entertainment.  My informant immediately made the connection between the AA Ass-wipe in the news and the tiny-penised blow-up porn gag doll from the party and shared it all with me. You can judge for yourselves but we will stand by our reporting.



  1. I’m glad I wasn’t there. I would have been perp walked off the plane in handcuffs, but the little bald, fat, fuck, would have been spitting out his chicklets.

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