Gaza Gas Attack


Yes We Do, Now And Always

From Irony Curtain and the good folks at I Own The World. We’re proud to stand up for Israel and we pray for their success. Shalom.



We Have Breaking News From Gaza:




Don’t Wee-Wee On Their Dreams

barry and the dreamers

Israel Deploys Their Weapons To Protect Civilians. Hamas Deploys Civilians To Protect Their Weapons

Someone else invented that phrase. It’s worth repeating.

hamas human shields

One More Time? Sure, Why Not?

John Kerry steps in shit again.

kerry step 2

That Islamic State Is Looking More And More Legitimate Everyday, I Tell You.

islamic state chamber of commerce

White House Spox Addresses Rumors: “This Picture Proves Nothing.”


The Federal Government Needs Your Gently Used Surplus Housing

Have a home, apartment, condo, cabin, spare room, basement, attic, travel trailer and or shed you aren’t currently using?

Well you damn sure don’t want to tell the Feds. What are you, stupid?

open house

Elizabeth Warren: Progressives Go To Eleven

Update: You’ll note from the original report that my graphic below attempts to translate the incoherent, guttural Proto-Tardian Liberal Bullshit tongue into common English. Some variation in meaning may result. We feel confident we’ve captured the essence.

The actual, un-clarified commandments are here, if you care to delve.

warren 11


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