She’s Coming Undone

I call it great only because I love seeing the truth revealed, as unpleasant as that may be for those of you out there with decent proclivities to endure. But she deserves to be exposed. Here it comes.



Kumbaya Barry

chuckafuck barry

She Feels It

something berning

Fall Back Career For Bernie

Celebrity endorsements! The seniors market is strong – and will be for many years. Plenty more years than Bernie needs to worry about. He could rake it in, by cracky.


There’s Talk Of Renaming Them “The Obamas”

This idea was brought forth from the gnoggin of faithful reader Gnome Sane and I thank him for it.

I don’t watch shows where the celebrities give each other trophies, consequently I don’t give a crap about the Oscars or who gets one or why. But when the rich whiny celebrities start crying about being denied the trophies over the color of their skin, it pisses me off. The FACT is not one of the black celebrities complaining about this crap would BE a celebrity if they weren’t of African heritage. They’d all be be just another guy/gal/manwoman/womanman. They should be thanking their lucky stars they were born into a country that offered them such wealth and opportunity. Or would someone offer the argument they’d all be better off if their ancestors had been left in Africa? What are the current salaries in the African movie industry?

So shut the fuck up, all of you. Count your money, dickheads.

40 acres and an Oscar

A Headline We’re Likely To See Often Over The Next 9 Months


Could She Skate?

Of course. But only if Obama refuses to enforce the law. Which he’s already shown a willingness to do, whenever it suits him politically. Having an indebted Hillary in the WH to clean cover up after him seems like it would fit the agenda. Maybe he even gets to pick her VP. Someone to bring out the black voters and keep a eye on the doings in DC.

Later, he could release the dirt on Hillary – causing her impeachment and his hand picked successor then becomes President…Deval Patrick? Kamela Harris? Reggie Love? Jay Z?

Damn. I’m creeping myself out now.

hillary confident



Obama’s Idiotic Oil Tax Idea – A Comparable Scenario From Days Gone By

Look it’s another anal-ogy

buggy whip tax

To What Location Should We Exile Hillary? UPDATE:

Alert commenter Mark has called it correctly. We will deport her to the island of Lesbos. Home of Sappho, the inventor of Lebesianism. She also was the inspiration for the Greek word sapphocate, which was later adopted into English as suffocate.

The island is currently overrun with muslim refugees from Syria and though attractive Western women have been sexually assaulted and attacked by roving bands of youths, the former Senator, Secretary and First Lady is believed to be in no danger whatsoever.

The muslims are horny but they’re not that horny.





Who deserves her most? Give me your thoughts folks. We’ll work something up, perhaps.

To Where shall she be banished, forever?

Because It’s Really A War On Men

The old double standard. So unfair, right Billy-goat? I sure think it is.

hilly katy

It’s not visible in the photo but eyewitnesses say the former Secretary of State was eagerly dry humping Katy Perry’s scantily clad buttocks when this selfie was snapped.

UPDATE: The testimony of the 7 verified eyewitnesses cannot be corroborated as they were all found dead tonight in the city landfill, each with a bullet wound to the back of the head, execution style. Police and local officials have ruled it a mass suicide and called for increased gun control to remedy the sudden epidemic – a shocking 400,002% increase in deaths on Wednesdays since the City was founded some 700 years ago! Appeals for federal aid will go out for funding a new task force tasked with educating the public on not killing themselves and cover administrative costs, furnishings and so forth.


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