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Feds Propose Solution To California Drought Woes By Way Of Immigration Reform

Also great for fighting wild fires!


drought busters

Daft Hippies Shine Spotlight On Corrupt Texas Politician

100% partisan, progtard 501c group smokes exploding cigar…


Travis County (Austin TX) Grand Jury Indicts Rick Perry

Yeah, it’s just dirty politics. That’s all Texas Dems have in their purse. The wormy little freaks.


Mysterious Recurring Fish Kill Off Martha’s Vineyard Baffles Scientists

For the sixth year in a row, a massive fish kill has scientists scratching their heads. “We’re seeing this happen every August.” according to a marine biologist who requested anonymity, “It appears some sort of toxic bloom occurs at this point every summer. We’ve no clue as to the cause.”

fish kill

Malia, Malia, Malia!!

Obamas leave for vacation…but where’s Simba? Separate plane, with the dogs? What?

where is simba

Sand Cankles

From a thoughtful, considerate photographer. On account of it’s not backlit.

sand cankles


A Good Monday Morning

In the style of my innerwebs bestie Diogenes Sarcastica. Mine has no thigh gap. You’re welcome.

monday morning

Brother Goose Stories

UPDATE 2: The Cover image of BO as Mother Goose has been taken down at the request of the copyright holder of the original art. First time this has ever happened to me, but I do respect the artist’s wishes and rights. So it’s gone from my site as of now.


UPDATE: Unbelievable. Obama’s at it again. What a miserable, nutless, sack of shit.


OK, I was intending to make more entries but I’m already bored with it. Just don’t have much zest for photoshopping these days. You guys can come up with more, I’m sure. Add them in the comments if you’re interested and I’ll try to photoshop em later.  (And no, they don’t have to rhyme – just nail Barry & the Gang)

(BoZero blaming his characterization of ISIS as a “JV Team” on bad intel is what sparked this idea. That and his daily lies, of course.)


little boy blue

peas porridge


Hippie Shangri-La

California Goes 100% Renewable


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