He Could Keep You Safe, If You’d Let Him

But the Sheep are scared of the Dog too. Also they hate him. It’s a conundrum.

Trigger Warning - Big Scary Alpha Dog!

Trigger Warning – Big Scary Alpha Dog!

How Lib Media Defines Your Ethnic Identity

It depends on the context, apparently.


And Furthermore

stop sign

Just When You’ve Banned Guns Completely, This Insane Loser Walks In And Murders People With Them Anyway

Because Insane Losers prefer Gun Free Zones for their shooting galleries. The knowledge that none of the targets will be shooting back allows them to operate at a more leisurely pace. And they don’t pay much attention to bans, in general.

gun free zone

Don’t Tell God But The Pope Is Helping Spread Islam

spreading islam

It’s A Vast Flight-Wing Conspiracy

Hillary upset with the slow pace of the release of the emails she didn’t delete and wants you to see.

It's Those Wacko Birds Again

It’s Those Wacko Birds Again

Turns out, it’s not politically motivated at all, Rather, it appears to be hormonal.

(It Gets Bigger. But first you have to click it.)


There Goes Germany


I Guess I Just Don’t Appreciate The Impact Of A Federal Government Shut Down

govt shutdown

They’ve Ruined Another Great Show

miss piggery

Like Comic Books?

We’re considering launching a new one. True Crime type stuff. I’ve only done the cover so far, then I got bored with it.



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