Because The “Booze, Cigs And Perfume Party” Doesn’t Have The Same Cachet


Contrary To Obama’s Assertion, Polls Show The Majority Of Democratic Voters Want That Old Lesbian Car Smell

The Stench Of Inevitability

The Stench Of Inevitability

In 30 Years, Obama Is A King

As most of you probably know, the Boss got hold of one of them Time Machine doo-jiggers over at the flea market. She let someone take it out for a few years and they come back with a picture of Old Obama on the verge of retirement because he found out everybody really hates his lying guts.

Well, she offered me a chance to take it out so hell yes I did. I thought real hard about checking out the past but changed my mind and went thirty years into the dadgum future! The year 2044. It looked like it was gonna be some really interesting stuff to report but then these three fellers come up to me and said I was causing problems and needed to go back. Seems I actually had died in 2038 (they won’t tell me how!) and so I was causing all kinds of issues with the whole space-time continuum deal, being I was a dead guy walking amongst the living and stuff.

Anyhow so before they throwed me out, I was able to get one good picture of Obama and fix it up to share with all of y’all. There’s words too, to explain what’s going on. It’s pretty professional of a presentation, I think. I guess that course at the community college was worth the forty dollars, huh? Tell you what.

I have to go lie down now, I’m feeling pretty dizzy from traveling beyond my own demise and back. Here’s the picture:

(L to R) Princess Malaria, Queen Michelle, the Queen Granny, King O'Ba-Ma, Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, Princess Mustafa

(L to R) Princess Malaria, Queen Michelle, the Queen Granny, King O’Ba-Ma, Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, Princess Mustafa


It’s A Great Question And He’s Really Sorry He Asked


They’re Illegal, Not Stupid

Estamos ilegal, no estúpido.

Estamos ilegal, no estúpido.

We Got 99 Problems And This Bitch Is Every One Of Them


How Can We Sleep When Our Beds Are Burning?

Unintended Consequences

Unintended Consequences of Unrest

“A Strong Week Of American Leadership”

Sumo Guy

Sumo Guy

Obama: “We Paid Gruber To Do Nothing”

President Obama dismissed renewed criticism of his signature health care law Sunday and disputed an assertion from a former architect of the policy who claimed the administration had deceived lawmakers…

“I just heard about this,” Obama said during a news conference at the G-20 Summit. “The fact that some adviser who never worked on our staff expressed his opinion that I completely disagree with — it is no reflection on the actual process that was run.”

gruber obama

The Latest In The Democrats’ War On Women

I made this for the Boss

She keeps up with the particulars on Landrieu’s Fall From Grace Graft. I just felt like illustrating the moment Mary realizes her Dem Party parachute is a tote bag.




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