Want To Make New Immigrants Feel Welcome? Include Them In Your Social Events.

Just remember, they’re really sore losers.

A fun game of Musical Chairs - or as it's known in the Middle East, Duck-Duck Jew

A fun game of Musical Chairs – or as it’s known in the Middle East, Duck-Duck Jew

Public Service Announcement

Along with the prestige and occasional glory of being a stand-by auxiliary member of the Professional Photojournalists Guild of America comes a solemn commitment to uphold the unbreakable code of ethics we’ve all sworn to abide by. Prime among the directives is the one that states an ethical photojournalist does not ever alter another person’s work and call it his or her own, particularly when the crime is committed in the employment of cheap, tawdry political attacks, against democrats. When we observe such a thing occurring, we are forced to confront it in defense of our collective honor and individual reputations.

And so at the request of my Brethren of the Guild and with the generous financial backing of the Clinton Global Internment Foundation we are joining with dozens an untold number of other leading blogs and news sites to spotlight any and all egregious examples of these repugnant personal attacks unethically foisted onto a trusting public in the guise of professionally skilled and artfully edited “photojournalism”. We hope you will all do your part as well, by posting these warnings far and wide so everyone sees them and they won’t be fooled again!

Here’s the first one off the wire…



The Llama Is Loose

llama del negron

Best We Can Tell This Is Completely Made Up

We checked. Can anyone else confirm otherwise?

idiot hairdos

Iranians Tout Their Navy’s Success At Destroying Ships That Just Sit There And Do Nothing

It’s playing pretty big on their official state run news.

iran tv

Mister Lonely


Barack Hussein Obama Loves His Country

No not America, his country…duh.

obama loves his country

In The Fourth Quarter, Obama Looks To Shape And Polish His Legacy

And he has plenty of Change left in him.

And he has plenty of Change left in him.

It’s Never OK To Be A Hateful Prejudiced Bigot You Typical White Uneducated Teabagging Bitter Clingers



It’s NottaWar



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