Hillary Won’t Run Again?



For Those Who Can’t/Won’t Make It To A Book Signing

We bring you the same Up Close With Hillary Experience. Only ours is free.

Would you pay for this?


Deplorables Rally For Florida – ANTIFA/ Pink Pussy Hats MIA

work rally

Gridiron Flashback: Hillary V. Electoral College 11-8-16

hillary v EC

Thoughts And Prayers For All In Florida

We have a lot of friends down there in sunny Florida. Many have left, the stalwarts remain. Old timers there know about hurricanes, but so many newcomers don’t. Our prayers for all. The storm will be over and the ones who come through it will regroup.  We hope that everybody comes through it, undamaged. Godspeed, Floridians.


Real News

You’ll see none of these stories mentioned in the Mainstream Media.  You have to come here to see this kind of Truth.



The former First Lady was verified as ‘beached’ by USCG spotters and our initial report was filed on the basis of the Coast Guard advisory.  However on closer examination of the wire photos and interviews with local witnesses, we now realize she was actually grubbing the beach for mollusks, shellfish and possibly choice cuts of Wagyu beef.  She had merely come ashore to feed and was later observed waddling back into the ocean where she breached once – to air blow a sharply loud and obnoxiously pungent/acrid methane bomb (as per local accounts, all eyes downwind were watering, just prior to the waves of vomiting) – and swam contentedly away.  There were a few dead fish observed floating in her wake and locals claim a flock of seagulls that flew through the methane cloud all fell from the sky into the surf, shortly after exiting the gaseous airspace.



Parents Can Be So Embarrassing Sometimes

Poor DACA kids.


What’s The Point Of Showing These Things?

They’re “provocative”?

Ahem.  You have a REAL one.  Show that.  You’ll provoke like all get out.


Sounds Like They’re Dead Broke Again

It’s Good To See She’s Picked Herself Back Up

That’s the way we’ll get to see her get knocked back down.