Who’s The Man?



Aw, Another Fail


Expert Confirms – DiFi “Doomed”

no deal for difi

She Was Voted “Miss Trampoline” In College


Junkie:  Esto aqui:


What If The FBI Investigation Reveals The Means And Methods Used To Make This Whole Thing Up?

They’d have to report that back to the DOJ, right? Hmm…


Willie Nelson To Headline Concert For Beto The Fake Mexican

In Austin. The Blue Hole of Texas. Lots of Californos living there now. It suits them. Beto the Fake Mexicano will mostly likely win Austin easily (they know he’s really a white guy named Robert O’Rourke and a full bore leftist democrite and they’re good with his facade that might get him votes from other bobos that think he’s Hispanic because of his nickname) but not much else. He will lose Texas.

Besa mi Culo, Beto!


What Is It With Arizona Senators?

Yes, one half of the Judicial Committee have been acting like triggered sorority girls for the entire hearing. They’re falling apart – rightfully so, with the loathsome ways they’ve behaved. And so then of course Senator Flunky Flakes will break party lines to help the outrageous, lying demonictards stall because his name is his job and the former first string varsity turncoat weasel-dick John McCain is deceased. So Jeff jumps off the bench, jogs his B-Team skunk-dick across the field and plays for the other team as John’s backup.

We have to beat some Proglidyte ass in the mid terms, kids. Have to. Anything less and they get all encouraged. We must harvest their souls to ensure they don’t reincarnate as anything vertebrate.


People I’m Hating Today

difi conscience



The Whole Country Waits Because Crazy Cat Lady


Number Four Is New


Laughing At Our Favorite President?

You worm-eating, banana leaf-wiping Shitholians…how dare you? The leader of the country generous enough to host and heavily fund your worthless, do-nothing, arrogant,  high dollar (mostly ours) bird’s nest on the ground takes the time to respectfully address your pathetic asses as equals – and you try to ridicule him with your estrogenic titters?

Take your weak ass shits and move your brain dead, Bureaucratic-Socialists ridden coven of anus sniffers to Somalia or wherever. Just get the fuck out of here.

You heard me.


Ingrates Laugh At Their Landlord

Hey America, How Do You Roll?

Red Wave Express or Little Blew Toot?

change trains