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Suspicious – Epstein’s EMS Response Team Were All Teenage Females Dressed In Swimwear




Keeping Up With Joe

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No Good Deed Goes Unaccused Of Racism

Kind and generous people go to West Baltimore to pick up the trash thrown out in the streets and alleys by the West Baltimorons themselves, who quite obviously did not make much effort to clean things up on their own.

The local paper then wrote a snide op-ed on the volunteers work, suggesting the effort only served to perpetuate some silly notion that the residents of poor neighborhoods aren’t able or willing to clean up their own messes themselves.

Yes. That’s what they said.

(Also, All White People are Criminal Terrorists with Racist Sauce, fresh Misogynist Berries and hand-picked Homophobic Sprinkles. They didn’t say that, that’s just the new rule. I’m only pointing it out for those who haven’t kept up on the current events.)


There’s Something Fishy About The Way Joaqueen Castro Holds His Mouth

It’s much more noticeable in this photo from back when he still waxed it. Does anyone else see it, or is it just me?


To The DemiSocialcrats Furiously Fistasizing About Turning Texas Blue – Note Our Double Down-Twinkles And Withdraw Your Forces From Our Lands At Once!

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Michael Moore Begging The Moose To Run For Prez Inspired This Revision Of A Classic Movie Scene

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$16 Billion To West Baltimore Last Year And The Urban Revitalization Is Remarkable

**(Also see: “Reparations – How Do They Work?)

First off, understand the exciting upgrades and changes made to West Baltimore are not easily discerned by people viewing them through a lens of white privilege, and as such have no souls. Also they’re racists and bound for Hell. Those people needn’t bother even looking.

For everyone else, see below and rest assured.


I’m Certain This Will Be Taken As An Insult By Cultures That Tolerate Living Amid Filth And Disease

Like San Francisco, for example. Too bad. Everyone talks about what the Government (taxpayers) needs to do to FIX the filthy inner city slums. But when the residents aren’t motivated to even pick up their own damned trash, I think the problem has nothing to do with funding ‘programs’ and ‘studies’. When you see a run-down, dirty neighborhood full of trash and vermin you can assume the people living there don’t really mind all that much. Not so much that they do anything to prevent it themselves. They wait until conditions deteriorate to the point Government steps in and makes it all like new again.

Rinse and repeat, forever.


It’s Unclear Who’s Teaching Who

So we checked with the school and they confirmed, only the Ass is a current member of the faculty.

So, it remains unclear.

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Boy, When Angels Are Called To Dissipate Dark Psychic Forces They Get Right To It.


I Knew I’d Seen Marianne Williamson Before

Check it out. Was she a Manson Girl? Born in 1952 – the murders were in 1969. She was 17. And you know, if you read Helter Skelter like I did, that she’d fit the age group – and that the girls were all afflicted with parasites and various venereal diseases. (Just adding context here, towards a fuller understanding of the truth.)

Shocking, if true.

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Yes, It’s A Parody – But It’s Still Entirely Possible Because She Has NEVER BEEN EXONERATED