Pick Your Favorite Dem-O-Clown Contest

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clown bus

Ilhan Translates To “Smells Of Fish”


The Man Requires Contact, Dammit


Coming Soon: Our New Califecatia Reality Series

Hope everyone watches.


This Is So Very Satisfying

(Thanks to Diogenes Middle Finger for the link!)

One of these things is not like the others…


General America

cap america

Not Even A Fair Fight – Poor Joe

I’m sure they’ve paid him well, to endure the ass poundings to come.  Or maybe he really is that stupid.



Not A Sight I’m Anxious To See


Go To Have The Vacation Of Your Lifetime – Go Back To Kill The New Lifetime You Conceived But Now Have No Time For – Rinse And Repeat Annually! California Offers More For Your Vacation Dollar!

This Is A Real Thing

I honestly didn’t get this…but then I thought maybe she’s been invited to set her up for arrest in front of the people who may have helped her cheat. Or the ones who helped catch her. Either way my dream comes true. Here’s hoping.

cyber security

Movies Are A Favorite Escape From Reality For Many – But None More So Than The Democrats Who Make Them

This is set to air soon on a cable channel I canceled years ago after it went full faggot. I called it BHO.



Sometimes You Feel Like A Nut

His name is Peter Paul and when I was a wee tot, that company made the incessantly advertised on my TV shows Peter Paul Almond Joy candy bars. (Hershey’s sells them now.)

But that’s where this came from. And you’re alive on Earth to see it, just your luck.

peter paul