DNC Chairs: “Broke” Is A Racist Dogwhistle

They’re all out of money and nobody is sending them more. It’s racist oppression, plain as day. But they is Woke.


See How This Works?

fake yapper

It can be hard to keep up.


The Demise Of The Slender Man

He failed her for the last time.

(A key distinction here…The Slender Man is actually a fictional character. The Fat Woman – aka ‘Haggish Banshee’, ‘Hoggish Bloate’, ‘FUPA Woman’, ‘Cankleosaurus’ etc etc. is very real.)

slender man

The Top Of The Order

Rep Nunes (House Intel Comm) rocked a lead-off double. Next up is Sen Grassley (Senate Judiciary Cmm), then Rep Bob Goodlatte (House Judiciary) with clean up by DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz and the results of his 1 year investigation. The next few weeks should be quite entertaining.

murderers row

Of course the Evildoers have their Super Perfect Ace Pitcher waiting in the wings. We’ve yet to see him appear in this Series, though and no one knows what they’re saving him for.


But other than The Best Catcher Pitcher Ever, they really have no bullpen to speak of. They’ve managed to stay somewhat in the game by way of a prevent, keep-way style defense that involves moving the bases and hiding the ball. And yes, it can be any ball.


Their lack of pitching depth has inspired the terminally ill and bed-ridden Sen John McCain to maintain his well known love of screwing over his Party at every opportunity. Here he is, loosening up that famous sidearm delivery of his signature pitch, the Off-Speed Backstabber Curve.


Despite the assistance from Slimeball John, the outlook for the Evildoers remains bleak. We don’t see where they have a path to victory in this contest. In fact, we forecast an ass-kicking of epic, humiliating  and historic proportions. Look – most of their reserve players have been DQ’ed. They’re toast. Fried, died and set to the side.


We couldn’t be happier.

The End.

Always read the brilliant and sober adult-style coverage at CTH

More To Come

Here’s Something They Can Name After The Weasel



comey prison

Dems Accuse PDJT Of “Undermining” Fed Law Enforcement And Intel Agencies

Seriously. In the face of the emerging truth about the Obama Administration’s utter disregard for the law – and the agency leaders that aided and abetted him in his attempt to undermine a presidential election…this the best they can do? The lying fuck sacks. I hate them all, intensely.


Ding Dong


Cleveland Indians Bench Chief Wahoo

And announce their new mascot, HooHah Squaw.


A Solution For The Dreamers And Their Families – Via The Party That Cares

Invite them to live in the generous, loving and duly registered spare rooms, cabins, garages and back yards throughout Progtardia. No fences, no walls, no locks. Rent free. Food, medical, dental and college educations provided at no cost. Daycare for the young and elderly. Larger estates could host entire villages while small apartments can share a bathroom or a closet.

Voila. The problem, she is solved. Sign up today!


Lemon Filling

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lemon filled