Happy Mother’s Day

Hope it was a swell day for all you Moms out there. To honor the occasion, we’re having a little contest to see which of these 3 celebrities our readers would choose to be the mother of their own children. And yes, the rules clearly state the winner must verify that he/she has in fact mated* with their selection in order to collect the $500 million in prize money.  (*photo/video proof of insemination will suffice – conception is not required.)

Ready?  Make your choice and good luck!


Choose Carefully — No Backs!

They Were Running This Trailer Constantly

1977. I was 20.

We were damn well going. Turned out everybody was going (all over the country). On opening night, the line for the 10pm show was wrapped entirely around the theater – in a stand alone building with just the single large screen. It was a long ass line.


Snack Bar but no game room

I think I saw it 5 or 6 times, in the theater. It was playing for a long time – for well over a year, maybe 2? Someone will tell us.


The Original 1977 Release Poster

Define “Crap”

The Last Lady does not want ‘our’ kids eating “crap”, but…but…but…

crap lunches

Mission Impossible




Any Lip Readers Out There?

What’s Kendall Jenner saying?  She’s outgrowed her clothes?


(She’s her Dad made over, isn’t she?)

It Turns Out The Same For Everyone

Health insurance doesn’t give you health, it only pays some or all of the cost of the measures taken to repair (successfully or not) your health when something goes wrong. Some of the things that go wrong will take wheelbarrows of measures to fix…and still not work. Some, thanks to insurance, are completely FREE. But still, those lucky insured people also die. The doctors and hospitals and such get paid. Insurance company gets their percentage. All well and good but you still end up stone dead.

So what’s the point? Take the freaking pill…use the money you save on “healthcare” and do something fun. Or donate it to the Little League, whatever. Remain completely zonked and zoned for the remainder of your life. Go to Reno and get a pro hooker – whatever. Use your imagination, I can’t think of everything.

Or take a seat in the waiting room, the doctor will be with you shortly.


Honorary Aerospace Scientist Dr Trayvon Martin Memorial Hoodie Placed Into Orbit From ISS – NASA

space trayvon

Photo courtesy NASA Council for Social Justice

Sure He’s Super Smart But Stephen Hawking’s Penmanship Is So Sloppy

OK I’m no scientist but I could write it out while holding the chalk in my butt cheeks and it would be more legible than these scribbles.  He could show a little more pride, that’s all I’m saying.hawking

We’ll Call It The Liebarry

The Scale Model Unveiled: