Looks Like She’s Going To Persist Again

What a Wonder um, Woman. She’s Stair Mobile and ready for battle.

bat signal

Yeah Eat It, You Zake Zucking Mother Zucker

covfefe al fresco

The Party Of Youth And Vigor?

pelosi generation

President Trump VS FAKE NEWS CNN Meme Contest – continued

Go and enter! Go and look! PolitOpinion

chubby zucker


david vs CNN

President Trump VS FAKE NEWS CNN Meme Contest

This is my first entry in Mr Pinko’s Festival of Memes over at PolitOpinion.com

Here is the direct link to this entry or click the photo to go visit his great site.

There are tons of great entries over there by some truly funny people. Go see!


She Belittled The President’s Hands

Also no actual point here.


The Dogs Of War

Sometimes I get a little carried away with the photoshopping and the whole linear style of thinking escapes me.  It’s true. Perhaps you’ve noticed it before. I’ll start with a premise that might bring a few yuks, touch some hearts or empty some stomachs.

But before you know it, I’m adding in things like lurid boner-sausages (why?), the moldy monkey-fuck Donny Douche (a frequent MJ guest contributor) complaining about the potato salad to setup the old “a-boa-constrictor-is-crawling-up-my-ass” gag (what’s the point of this??”) and Joe’s Tampon Taser and bandolier loaded with ammo…Heavy Day loads – full plastic jacket (war related, but unnecessary).


While I can’t control the Graphical Tourette’s, I refuse to be ashamed of my condition.  I fully embrace it. I indulge myself in it. I roll around in it like a dog in dead fish guts.

Because I can.


To the War Room:


From The Latest Scientifical Study On The Causes Of Covfefe In The Press

One somewhat limiting aspect of the research occurred during Step 3, when none of the participants received the placebo. They all had the shitburger. So it becomes difficult to confirm if their vocational choice matches to their obsessive/compulsive hunger for crap sandwiches. But we must note, there were no requests for doggie bags.


“It Was More Like A Lift-Off…”

Mika explains her cosmetics.

mika faceliftoff

Defiant Boys