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Did She Say “Stain”?

More AO Cortes

aoc is asshoe


The Contest Was Rigged – Those Are All Her Cousins

What a ripoff. I entered one idea – should have known better. They deleted it, naturally. Worms.

gnd stupids

My submission. I thought it hit some of the key take-a ways of the campaign. Notice my concept for light rail. All the others I’ve seen have Monorails…snore, snore. Mine adds real thrills and spills to your commute. Also it’s a 100% all electric operation = no emissions of any carbons, period.**


**The coal-fired power plant that generates the electricity required to run the town is buried deep within the mountain in the background. The exhaust is sent via pipeline to remote exit vents in Mexico where nobody notices. We stay Clean and Green here at home!

The Epiphany That Wakes Cortezzz At 3AM

Everyone else just calls them bad dreams.



Nicknames In The News


She’s Not Racist You White Trash Mofo

national action niwit

Oh We Understand

I sure hope we do.

frick and frack