Piglips’ Very Bad Day

pooh and piggie

Obama’s Ass Kisser, Yep


col butkis

Where’s Hunter?

where is hunter

You Know Who’s In Charge When You Know Who You’re Not Allowed To Criticize.

They openly deride and insult the President of the United States, as is their right under the constitution. They suck-up to the Chinese because China will freeze them out if they don’t. All they exist for, here and abroad, is to make money. Fine, go make all you can.

But keep your bitter, buttsore and slanderous anti-Trump bullshit off the court here. Or confirm what many of us already know is true, you’re chickenshit cowards as men. And whatevers.

I don’t even watch the effin NBA, ever. But this should piss anyone off.


From the original HRThunderhocks campaign ad, which I have modified slightly to serve as a public service announcement.


“A Persistent Repetitious Squeaky Sound”


Monday Night Triple EW! Special

The Liebrarian, EW!


The Nasty Woman, EW!


The Fake Indian, EW!!


This actual real bona fide cookbook published by The Five Civilized Tribes lists recipes contributed by its members, including Elizabeth Warren, Cherokee. At least 2 of her recipes were copied word for word from existing published recipes meaning she cheated on the Tribes she cheated to join. EW!

Joe’s Out Of His Head

All he wanted was a little gravy for retirement, after all the years of chump change from his US backers. This was his chance to grab the brass ring. Everyone else was cashing in and this was his turn at the BIG trough, God love him. His golden opportunity…now it’s gone. Too bad.

joe out of his head

Joe Fights Back!


Ukraine Didn’t Get The Billion To Protect Hunter Biden, Or Joe.

Joe was dispatched to threaten the prosecutor by Obama. It wasn’t for Joe’s benefit and nobody anywhere is going to front any cash for crack smoking Hunter Biden…not even Joe. Bigger fish have been dipping their wicks into Ukraine, quite obviously. Joe was only the clerk, sent on an errand. Joe did what he was told to do, just like always.

biden ukraine

Joe admitted some years later that he actually intended to nominate Bill Clinton for the position. He never thought anyone would ever hire Hunter for anything because he really isn’t really isn’t as bright as most people have logically and naturally come to expect from the fruit of the Biden Tree.

It’s A Nanny! It’s A Librarian! It’s Dumber Than Dogpoo! It’s Super EW!


Warren Campaign Fires Top Staffer For ‘Inappropriate Behavior’? Here’s A Guess:

campaign violation

Here are the rules, enlarged:

bathroom rules

Trying To Outrun The Storm

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