The Democrats Have Gone Full Retard


She’s Not Racist You White Trash Mofo

national action niwit




NOTE:  The photo above was cropped, for editorial reasons. She’s holding this umbrella, not a Penis of Color. We regret any confusion it may cause our readers, who would rightfully assume it was unless we make a point of saying it’s not.

Donald Trump Is My Favorite President Ever

He is Killing the Game – and rubbing the Kenyan’s Lyin’ Hawaiian’s Half-African nose in it, to boot. No more punching bag for the Left. I’ve never been prouder to be an American and there is no worthy challenger in 2020.



It Will Be Nice To See His Dream Finally Come True

Not wishing his demise but he can’t have one without the other…and he’s much closer to the other anyway.  Regardless, I’ll be pleased to see him achieve his personal Nirvana,  before he has any chance of forcing everyone else to.

bernie light

Will The Madness Never End?

It’s getting totally out of hand. Most of us never even knew George had a statue. Now Fredo Cuomoleone’s on the case. Such silliness.



John Brennan Knows What’s Coming


Satisfaction Is Watching The Media Trying To Pull Their Pants Back Up

They’re 98% Scum. There are good ones. 2% may be stretching it. I don’t have actual numbers, it could be less.



Best Tears In The History Of Ever

We’ll be recalling the quality of this vintage fondly for generations to come. Here’s the story of the heroic Master Tear Farmer that brought them to us. Enjoy irresponsibly!

teary farmer

Just Enjoying The Day

mueller train

Millions Of Hopeful Children Left Profoundly Disillusioned By The Golden Promises Of Muellermas

2 years worth of completely unrealistic expectations end with a big giant sad? Take it up with your sources, snowflakes.


No New Indictments?

mueller report