Want Something Sweet In The Morning?

Something fresh and tasty, every Monday, right here: Go see what they cookin’.

We really love the Biscuits best but they also serve other tasty treats – and they always present them in a remarkable interplay of light and shadow over the smooth organic forms of the delicate and vulnerable sweets, quivering in the soft light of the window where everyone can see them from the street like cheap whores in Amsterdam…but that’s OK because this is about art, not porn. We call it Baked Noir. It’s a new sub-genre.

Here’s a vintage poster from James Cagney in 1948’s “The Biscuits Of Navarrone”, courtesy of our Sponsor:

Biscuits were scarce during war time and the public memory of life without biscuits (“LWB”) was still fresh, years after WW2 ended


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