1. To paraphrase Billy Joel’s “Captain Jack”: Just one little push, and she’ll be flying. Too scrawny to float, too arrogant to drift back to shore.

  2. Why didn’t Saint Greta stop the New Zealand volcano? Time is still around? I thought it sold for a dollar.

    1. Your ‘dollar’ reference was from I think the movie Robo Cop and it was Steve Nemeth AKA Doc Nemo who coined the phrase “I’d buy that for a dollar”. Am I correct. Steve was a DJ from Cleveland OH who moved to LA back in about 1970ish. Or is it a reference to something else?

      I am always trying to connect dots.

  3. European inbreeding has finally reached it’s high water intelligence mark with this moron.

  4. That is just great. Well done.

    That little twat will be forgotten along with the global warming scam. It’s not real so eventually even the believers will be forced to move on to some other catastrophe. We are more than 20 years into the emergency and still, no sea lever rise or extraordinary temperatures … and very little ice loss at the polar caps … and how about all those polar bears?

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