1. Skkkrt…..Bleepboop…….Nnrrrrnnennnrrrrrr……

    Danger Will Robinson…..Danger Will Robinson…….


    Red Alert!!!! Red Alert!!!!!! Romulan vessel decloaking on the port side!!!!!!!

    Red Alert!!!!! Bbrrruuuppppp Brrruuuppppp!!!!!

    Turn that damn Video off that you are watching while this new program downloads.
    it is messing up the code!!!!.

    clunkity clunkity clunkity………have you seen the crank??????

    Crank for what???????

    To start this old heap of junk!!!!!!!!! Aooooooogah!!!!!

    Biden 2.0 is not a giant leap for mankind!!!!!!!

    It is more of a step into a big puddle than anything else!!


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