1. I’ve always love the Texas State Motto “Don’t Mess With Texas Or We’ll Fuck You Up”.
    All we got over here is “Sportsman Paradise” :(

  2. The jazz hands and whinging by woketarded, butthurt douchebags was good for a few chuckles on an otherwise very depressing day.

  3. The big problem we have in Texas is NOT demoncrats trying to turn Texas Blue…

    It is our Slimy Rino Speaker Bonnen trying to turn Texas Blue.
    He was exposed by a voice recording where he offers benefits to others if they will help him to abuse the power of his office by working hard to protect demoncrats while attacking fellow Republicans. We even have a gaggle of sycophant Republicans making statements that they support the Slimy Speaker Bonnen after he released an apology for getting caught corrupting his office.
    Earlier this year Slimy Rino Speaker Bonnen was able to kill a Constitutional Carry Bill by filling a false Police Report. At the time he proclaimed to the media that he was being stalked by evil conservatives. Then the police actually released body cam that showed he was lying. But since he lied to kill a pro Second Amendment bill the media dropped that corruption story like a hot potato.

    But now we have a recording that has him in his own words offering pay-offs and planning corruption and the attacks on fellow Republicans.

    With so called “Republicans” like these in the leadership of Texas, who needs demoncrats to turn this state blue?

    MSG Grumpy

    1. Lib dems here have bragged about ‘almost winning” the elections they lose for years. Consecutive years. And now they’re even more batshit crazy than ever. Texas will be fine, I have no doubt.

  4. It’s too bad that Sam Elliott is a dyed-in-the-wool typical Hollywood Libtard and had already publicly said in 2016 just prior to the POTUS election that people who support Trump are “NOT VERY SMART”, ie: are “STUPID”, if they support Trump — and that Sam Elliott is also vocally very much Pro-Abortion and appears at fundraisers for Pro-Abortion associations. Otherwise, that could’a been a great meme. . . but f**k that guy in spades. I wouldn’t so much as even piss on Sam Elliott if he was on fire.



    1. Yes, thanks. That’s all true and I am aware. But this pic is from when he was pretending to be someone decent. I’m just using him the same way but I’m not paying him.

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