I Knew I’d Seen Marianne Williamson Before

Check it out. Was she a Manson Girl? Born in 1952 – the murders were in 1969. She was 17. And you know, if you read Helter Skelter like I did, that she’d fit the age group – and that the girls were all afflicted with parasites and various venereal diseases. (Just adding context here, towards a fuller understanding of the truth.)

Shocking, if true.

manson family
Yes, It’s A Parody – But It’s Still Entirely Possible Because She Has NEVER BEEN EXONERATED


  1. Sheesh, Earl. You may have found the truth here. Will repost this over at Hardnox & Friends (with attribution, of course).

  2. According to the Trump Standard, now widely used by Democrats, Marianne could have been flying one of the planes on 9/11 while simultaneously pouring sugar down my gas tank. No one ever said she wasn’t guilty, therefore she is.

    1. Indeed. Failure to Exonerate hasn’t been part of legal procedure since the Salem Witch Trial days, but I am thrilled to see the Tards bring it back so it can be used against xirselves.


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