Amazing Coincidence – This Is The Exact Outcome I’d Wished For!

I may have that Sixth Sense I’ve read about. Which, if true, would replace probably two of the others I’ve lost somewhere around here. Rolled under the fridge, maybe.

shit sandwiches


  1. The Trump presser afterwards was sweeter than a Krispy Kreme donut and juicier than a medium rare steak. Not ready for primetime Bob stumbled and stammered all over himself despite the puke-worthy intro by Nadler.

  2. I hope Pencilneck Schiffhead and “Nads” Nadler are happy. In their leftard self-promotion rush, they embarrassed a senile old man, and stuffed the “impeachment” argument up their own asses. Typical showboating progressives. In the end, evil loses. Every time.

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