New Awards Roll In

It’s always an honor to be recognized out there on the nets, particularly to someone with my condition. Visual Tourette’s wasn’t even acknowledged as a real disease until the mid-2000s and there are very few success stories within the VT community, to date.

So on behalf of myself and all other aspiring Spazzos, my sincere thanks to curator  Pookie18 and the readers/voters at The Briefing Room and The Right Reasons. I am proud to add these trophies to my display case – thank you!


A day or so later, I receive a huge package via UPS – that I had to sign for (always means it’s important) and I almost passed out at the life-changing news. I am as of now a card-carrying Dickbird. This a mind-blowing affirmation and achievement I could have never dreamed would happen. Out of nowhere, I am installed into an ancient, elite, international brotherhood of Alpha Level Smartassery that is so exclusive, nobody knows who all the other members are. I probably shouldn’t even be discussing it here but I’m just so damned proud. I wish Mom and Dad were here to see it. *snif*

Take a look.

It’s now the signature piece in my Premium Trophies collection, right in the middle of my 4 Golden Growlers (all with Fly Clusters), my photo from the White House and the Twin’s panties (that they literally  threw at me and adamantly insisted I keep as mementos. They were 25 and still worth looking at.)


  1. TENTH place? How did they find nine supposedly superior photoshop artistes, I’d like to know. Musta been collusion in the vote count.

    1. Well it wasn’t a photoshop artist contest, it was voting based on individual cartoons and there were damn good entries from so many witty and talented people as well as people like me. I’m just proud and honored to be in the mix.

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